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Unconditional love is something we have of course all heard about, and even something we are pretty convinced that we have felt/experienced ourselves.  Unfortunately, what we often perceive as what feels like unconditional love is in fact infatuation.  The difference being that infatuation is not unconditional, and often doesn’t turn into deep love.  So, what is unconditional love?  It is love beyond our limitations.  Beyond our concept of self, or of them.  Beyond our expectations to get something out of it.  Some things we should look at….. why are we busy feeling profound love for one person, yet not another?  Why only pretty people?  Why only nice people?  If it’s only for one particular person and it is not fleeting, and even when they are not at their best, that can work as well, as long as we keep our false sense of self out of things.  If you ae crying due to hurt or misery a lot, it likely isn’t unconditional love.  On the other hand, we can unconditionally love someone without falling for allowing ourselves being treated in less them respectful ways.  Unconditionally loving oneself is sort of the first step with all this ;).


The Deities, spirits, invisibles, Lwa, Vodous, Daemons, Angels, and so forth are much easier to create an unconditional loving approach with.  Something about having been around for hundreds or thousands of years have given them a bit of time to get past limiting thoughts and emotions.  It is the same though, how come we only unconditionally love some spirits but not others?  Why only the select few around us?  Again, no sense for falling for ones which are unhealthy for us to have around, but anger and hatred towards the other ones isn’t a very useful way to go about things.  Some folks prefer Angels, only.  Others prefer Daemons, only.  The list goes on and on.  Of course we are all going to have personal preferences, but this is no reason to have animosity or disgust towards other types, or even ones of the same type but of different natures.


Are we not folks (being magickians and all) who are sort of on the fringe of society, and often complaining about being judged and misunderstood?  This should give us a bit more understanding for other people, and spirits (and paths, and so forth).  It is always a work in progress.  We can’t just start out accepting and understanding a person who smells terrible for example.  Or who is the opposite of the type of person we have been taught our entire lives to respect and look up to.  However, this doesn’t make these people any less people, or beings, or worthy of respect and the same unconditional love.  I have far too often seen folks walk out of workshops which spoke of unconditional love as part of their talk, who proceeded to look down upon and judge the people around them!  We just too easily forget that magickal and spiritual growth is about more than just what we want and what makes us comfortable all the time.


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