Chitra Nakshatra Mansion of the Moon Ring

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Chitra Mansion of the Moon Ring; Chitra Nakshatra is owned by Vishwakarma, the celestial architect and mason. Its planetary ruler is Mangal or Kuja (Mars). Its symbol is a bright jewel or a pearl. Chitra translates to モThe Beautiful Oneヤ or モBeautiful Imagesヤ. The energy embodied by this Nakshatra allows one to accumulate good merit during the current frame of existence. This Nakshatra is associated with fashioning things by hand and building objects or structures. This Nakshatra is good for sensual pleasure, marriage, commencing studies, building vehicles, buying horses, buying new vehicles, artistic painting, home decoration, interior design, all activities that require charisma and exquisiteness, enhancing attractive qualities, and commencing medical treatment.