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6 foot Goetia Demon circle

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Hand painted 6 foot Goetia Demon circle

6 foot Goetia Demon circle. This is a goetia grimoire evocation circle which is made by hand, by experienced practitioners of the magickal arts. This is not mass produced or machine made (which renders them pretty much useless for the arte of evocation), but instead if done by hand, letter by letter and line by line. The design is that which is included i the actual Lemegeton (Goetia). This includes the various Hebrew Archangel names, names of God, and the symbols within; the hexagrams and pentagrams.

These painted on canvas (or silk) circles are especially useful for portability. You can fold them up and bring them with you for working in the outdoors, or just spead them out in an empty floor space indoors if you prefer. They also tend to double as excellent meditatin and focus circles to sit or stand in for other ritual work, or just spiritual connectin with the God, YHVH, and the Kabbalistic magick Angels.

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