Agaterop seal pendant Veritable Key of Solomon Verum

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Agaterop seal Veritable Key of Solomon Verum. While we all know Ageterop more so from the Verum, here is a different version of his or her (not sure with this particlar demon) seal. Agateraptor is another name which this particular spirit goes by. Many of the Grimoirum Verum spirits do show up in different, but similar grimoire manuscripts. This is a 1" lost wax cast pure metal seal of Agaterop, which can be worn as a necklace (I will form it into a pendant if you choose), as well as generally to be able to call Agaterop to you more strongly. These seals are also useful to wear to keep a strong connection with the particular demon you are getting to know and working with. Definitely beneifitial if you are asking the Daemon to bring influence into your life.
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