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Protection of your house talisman and amulet. As a magician your house is not like anyone else's. It is unique and distinctive and has evolved to meet your specific needs.dangers and challenges you face are also unique. We do not believe that any single simple amulet can meet your special needs for protection of your home and so se items are always made custom for each client. When you consult us on this item we take into account your traditions beliefs and any specific protection needs as well as general protection.Drawing on such diverse sources asclassical Grimoires Egyptian Goetic Ceremonial Magic and Enochian lore we work you to design and craft a protection amulet that is as distinctive as you are so that no potential adversary will be able to guess what y would be up against in attempting to attack your home. This item will not be sent to you as just an uncharged tool but as a finished magical item made by an experienced magician and y are ready to put ir power to work for you as soon as you receive m.price listed is a typical average sinceactual amulet will be a unique magical item designed and made for your specific protection needs andcost will wmaterials and methods needed to craft it. Contact us to tell us your needs and let us put our expertise to work for you.
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