Aslesa Nakshatra Mansion of the Moon Ring

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Aslesa Nakshatra Mansion of the Moon Ring; Aslesa Nakshatra is owned by the Naga, and Vasuki, the king of serpents. Its planetary ruler is Budh (Mercury). Its symbol is a coiled snake, a bangle, or a circle. This Nakshatra carries the divine energy that inflicts venom and controls addictions. It also grants great mystical talents and mediumistic abilities. Shakya Muni was born when this Nakshatra was rising with Moon in auspicious placement. He was protected by the great serpent Adishesha who canopied him during a storm while performing austerities under the Bodhi tree. This Nakshatra is productive for tantrik activities and rituals, for defeating enemies, handling competitors, battle, gambling, getting rid of vermin, filing lawsuits, cleaning and clearing, weapons, fires, maha abhichara and sorcery. If a person receives a deep wound, bite from a venomous animal, or ingests poisons when this Nakshatra is rising during an eclipse, measures must be quickly taken to save that persons life. The proper appeasement of serpents and deities must be performed. Auspicious or religious activities commenced during this Nakshatra will not bring full benefits.

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