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Asteroth, Duke
The seal of Astaroth
28) Astaroth is a great and a strong duke, comming foorth in the shape of a fowle angell, sitting upon an infernall dragon, and carrieng on his right hand a viper: he answereth trulie to matters present, past, and to come, and also of all secrets. He talketh willinglie of the creator of spirits, and of their fall, and how they sinned and fell: he saith he fell not of his owne accord. He maketh a man woonderfull learned in the liberall sciences, he ruleth fourtie legions. Let everie exorcist take heed, that he admit him not too neere him, bicause of his stinking breath. And therefore let the conjuror hold neere to his face a magicall ring, and that shall defend him.
29) ASTAROTH.--The Twenty.--ninth Spirit is Astaroth. He is a Mighty, Strong Duke, and appeareth in the Form of an hurtful Angel riding on an Infernal Beast like a Dragon, and carrying in his right hand a Viper. Thou must in no wise let him approach too near unto thee, lest he do thee damage by his Noisome Breath. Wherefore the Magician must hold the Magical Ring near his face, and that will defend him. He giveth true answers of things Past, Present, and to Come, and can discover all Secrets. He will declare wittingly how the Spirits fell, if desired, and the reason of his own fall. He can make men wonderfully knowing in all Liberal Sciences. He ruleth 40 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, which wear thou as a Lamen before thee, or else he will not appear nor yet obey thee, etc.

The seal of Astaroth B.C.M.
XXIX. ASTAROTH, a great and powerful duke, appears like a beautiful angel* riding on an infernal dragon and carrying a viper in his right hand. He must not be permitted to approach on account of his stinking breath, and the magician must defend his face with the magic ring. answers truly concerning past, present and future, discovers all secrets and gives great skill in the liberal sciences. He will also discourse willingly concerning the fall of spirits.*

*Another version says "a foul angel."
*But pretends that he himself was exempt from their lapse (Wierus).

The seal and characters of Astaroth G.V.
Astaroth is listed as one of the Three Superior Spirits along with Lucifer and Beelzebuth, but is not given a title. He appears black, in human shape. The inferiors of Astaroth are Sargatanas and Nebiros, whose asylum is America.
Among the Three Superior Spirits along with Lucifer and Beelzebuth, Astaroth is Grand Duke. The Grand Grimoire does not list his inferiors.
Astaroth: Is known by many names, and has been called throughout time by these names, including Astarte. Astaroth can help greatly in the works of love, lust and protection. If the magician works hard, she may also help with the aquiring of certain magical lore. Astaroth is choosy who she works with, and does not whaste time on those who play games, call without a care, or do not take the work seriously. Astaroth's seal should be engraved into an emerald or ruby as stated by the Grimoirium Verum. Do some research before calling Astaroth and ye shall be rewarded.





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