Bathin Goetia Demon Evocation

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Goetia Demon bathin Goetia Daemon demon evocation performed for you on your behalf. a request given to the Daemon Demon. This is generally performed in tandem your own candle lighting at home. Offerings and rewards after results start to be seen and n are complete are highly recommended for Goetia Daemon Demon evocation s. I do give candles and offerings during Goetia Daemon Demon evocation as well as afterwards on behalf of the working but it is also good if you do some of this at home as well to help to bring results and magic to you and your location.

Bathin (Bathym), sometimes called Mathim or Marthim, is the 10th spirit from the Pseuodomonarchia Daemonium. He is also listed in the Goetia / Lemegeton. He is a great duke and a strong, he is seene in the shape of a verie strong man, with a serpents taile, sitting on a pale horsse, understanding the vertues of hearbs and pretious stones, transferring men and women suddenlie from countrie to countrie, and ruleth thirtie legions of divels.

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