Buer Goetia incense

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Buer Goetia Demon incense We offer a small variety of very rare and very useful incense. We hand make each batch of incense when you order it (unless we have just recently made some of course). The incenses that we make are of a quality that we use them ourselves for magical work. They work well enough that I use them successfully for spirit work, work for clients, as well as my own spellwork. There are not any fillers such as sawdust or talcum powder, or even sandalwood when it�s not called for in our incenses. We also don�t cheap out and just add a bunch of essential oils to a base to make it smell pretty. This is not how an affective incense is made. Look at any of the papyri or other old incense recipes that are still in writing, and you will not find the use of essential oils! I will only order high quality resins, spices and herbs; I will also sometimes wildcraft what is needed. I do not use substitutions! Each ingredient is in an incense recipe for a reason, so I do not leave any out, or make substitutions. If you want incense that works, check out our products below.We offer a small variety of incense due to the simple fact that you can easily obtain regular incense from many different suppliers. If you do not see what you need here, Please send me along an email to ask if I can custom make it for you.

Buer Goetia Demon incense

Buer, President
The seal of Buer
7) Buer is a great president, and is seene in this signe; he absolutelie teacheth philosophie morall and naturall, and also logicke, and the vertue of herbes: he giveth the best familiars, he can heale all diseases, speciallie of men, and reigneth over fiftie legions.
10) BUER.--The Tenth Spirit is Buer, a Great President. He appeareth in Sagittary, and that is his shape when the Sun is there. He teaches Philosophy, both Moral and Natural, and the Logic Art, and also the Virtues of all Herbs and Plants. He healeth all distempers in man, and giveth good Familiars. He governeth 50 Legions of Spirits, and his Character of obedience is this, which thou must wear when thou callest him forth unto appearance.

The seal of Buer B.C.M.
X. BUER,* a great president, who appears when the sun is in Sagittarius and teaches philosophy, logic, the virtues of herbs, &c. He heals all diseases and gives good familiars.

*The seventh spirit of the Pseudo-Monarchia. He is also an exponent of ethics.

BUER: Is one of the best healers one can know. He can heal any being, as well as teach numerious types of healing to the magician. Buer can also work to make sure that the alopathic (and naturopathic for that matter) medical proffessionals not only do a good job, but also diagnose correctly. I recommend working with Buer to all healers as he can be of good help. Buer also provides familiars to help with acute care. Buer enjoys offerings that are healthy and nutritional, especially certain healing herbs. Engrave Buer's seal along with a caduceus into stone, or embroidered onto silk. One of the most affective methods for working with Buer is to pleace his seal, drawn on silk, over a glass of water that one drinks for health and healing. When Buer does help you, do not forget to return the favor by volunteering at your local hospital, doing some healing yourself, or perhaps a donation.




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