Capricorn A Enochian Talisman Tail of Deneb Algedi silver ring chalcedony

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Capricorn Enochian Talisman Tail of Capricorn Deneb Algedi silver Capricorn ring chalcedony. This particluar Agrippa methods and correspondances based fixed star astrological talisman amulet ring is used to protect against harm and discord. It also helps to bring peace, prospertiy and wealth. Who doesn't want a bit of peace and money in their lives? :D I use lost silversmithing (goldsmithing) techniques to create the ring for you, which will hold the beautiful blue chelcadony stone. I only use 100% pure and genuine gemstones and semi precious stones in my work. it is far too common that fake mass produced stones are available, however I only select the best quality wholesalers, as well as hand choosing each and every particular stone for these important fixed star magick talisman projects. I then hand engrave the gemstone during the few minutes Deneb election. Henry Cornelius Agrippa specifies to use particular stoned in rings, which are worn to bring about these magick talisman affects. I handmake the rings out of sterling silver, bronze or copper (your choice), then set the gemstone in, ready to be engraved.
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