Hasta Nakshatra Mansion of the Moon Ring

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Hasta Mansion of the Moon Ring; Hasta Nakshatra is owned by the solar deity Savitar. Its symbol is a hand. The shakti of this Nakshatra allows one to attain goals and objectives with clear sight. Its planetary ruler is Chandra or Soma (Moon). Astrologers seek divine blessings and insight through this Nakshatra in order to receive illumination from Savitar, who connects them to the superior consciousness. This Nakshatra is good for commencement of Gayatri mantra japa to strengthen intellect and discernment, for making sales, studying medicine, preparing medicines, fashioning jewelry and ornaments, wearing jewelry for the 1st time, piercing ears and nose, applying khol and cosmetics, applying Bhindi, marriage, commencing education for children, cosmetic treatments, beginning processions, buying precious stones, starting medical treatment, coronation, enthronement, digging wells, religious sacrifice and offerings, meeting superiors and government officials, fashioning new clay vessels, travel, changing houses, building houses and all auspicious activities.

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