Hollenzwang seal pendant of Aziabel for Coercion and Obedience

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Hollenzwang 1.5 inch Seal of Aziabel for Coercion and Obedience. The Hollenzwang is by far one of my most favorite grimoires. This particular seal is to help one be able to coerce others, and to have them be more obedient to onself. Very useful when you need to have a boss at work be more ameable towards you, and you wish to get your way. Also useful in political social situations; they say that if you have any more than 2 people together, politics (on a micro level) insues. This talisman helps you to gain the upper hand in these circumstances. Also, of course very useful when job hunting, or looking for a new apartment, since it helps to have others bend more easily to your will, and how you want things done. This is a lost wax cast seal which can be worn as a pendant on a necklace.

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