Jupiter Affliction Remedy Ring

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An afflicted, malefic, or weak Jupiter in a natal horoscope causes a person to be highly intelligent and fast to learn, but gives them a disinterest in learning and causes educational/academic pursuits to be short lived or incomplete. A person with a weak or malefic Jupiter is often blamed falsely and often finds themselves in the middle of controversies they have no part in. Women who have these indications in a birth chart often experience difficulty finding a long term relationship with a man or finding a husband. Often people with this affliction encounter difficulties having children. These individuals often lack faith and devotion and aren't inclined to participate in religious or spiritual activities though they have a great capacity for them. These individuals must be very careful to never disrespect Brahmins or priests. They should make donations to temples and shrines often and should wear Guru's yantra after reciting guru mantras starting on a Thursday. They should donate rice made with turmeric and saffron along with other yellow foods on Thursdays. Wearing a saffron yellow chord on the right wrist then discarding it in a river when it gets dirty and replacing it is highly beneficial to people having Jupiter problems. These individuals should strive to become spiritual and charitable. Individuals experiencing the negative effects of Jupiter should wear a gold bangle on the right hand. These individuals should own gold idols for their deities and should have Tulasi growing near their dwelling or live near a bodhi tree. Pouring water on the roots of bodhi as a form of worship to the tree and to Vishnu helps this person balance the energies related to Jupiter and gives them spiritual growth. These individuals should wear saffron colored clothes as much as possible. If a female is having difficulty finding a husband or lover because of Malefic Jupiter, she should give wedding vows to a banana tree and both should be tied with saffron yellow thread. If a man is having difficulty in the same area, he should bring food offerings to a bodhi tree and talk to it on a regular basis. These people must avoid salty or heavy foods on Thursdays. These individuals should avoid purchasing or accepting idols, objects for worship, sacred items, incense, lamps, malas, bananas, coconuts, flowers, fruits, religious pictures, sacred books and yellow thread or cloth on Thursdays. Individuals that have Jupiter deficiencies should take special care to maintain the health of the head, eyes, and stomach. Reciting the Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, Sri Sudarshana Mantra, or Vishnu Astottara Shatanamavali on Thursdays or in Jupiter Nakshatras not only neutralizes negative effects from jupiter, but brings blessings and increased spiritual vibrations to the individual and their dwelling. These people can help balance or neutralize the energies of Jupiter by bathing with water that contains saffron, soaked over night, amber, jasmine flowers, yellow plumeria, or champaka flowers on a Thursday morning after prayers.
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