Jyesta Nakshatra Mansion of the Moon Ring

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Jyeshtha Mansion of the Moon Ring; Jyeshtha Nakshatra is owned by Indra, great warrior and king of devas, of lightning, monsoon rains, flash flooding, and river flows. Its symbols are the parasol and earring or ear ornament, iconic symbols of battle and warriors in ancient India. Its planetary ruler is Budh (Mercury). The divine energy transferred by this Nakshatra grants the power to rise in greatness, defeat opponents, and grants courage and strength in battle. This Nakshatra gives good results for ear piercing, cutting hair, involvement with flames, poisons, confronting enemies, hiring servants or employees, usurping properties and resources from others, making purchases and sales, activities that require aggression, and defensive or aggressive magic, protection, fortification, forming strategies and plots, setting boundaries, gaining control, exerting harsh measures, expressing authority, occultism, serious meetings and discussions, planning, and discipline.