Kaal Sarp Dosha Affliction Remedy Ring

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Kaal Sarp Yoga is an instance that occurs when in an individuals natal horoscope, all planets lie between the North (Rahu) and South (Ketu) nodes of the moon in a horoscope. This usually appears as all 7 main planets situated on one side of the chart (or sky) between Rrahu and Ketu. This affliction cause the individual to frequently experience, fear, tension, anxiety and it lessens the positive effects of beneficial planets in a persons life which may manifest as negative aversions, addictions, flawed personality and psychological or intellectual challenges. People with this particular formation in their natal charts must make absolute certain to never harm snakes or reptiles. The proper use of gemstones and talismans also lessens the severity of this affliction. People with Kaal Sarp Yoga should work hard to become devoted to their deities, they should regularly seek refuge with Shiva, who has power over all planetary energies, and shields those who worship him and recite his mantras. Kaal Sarp Yoga people are also advised to be as charitable as possible, to worship Nagas and serpents, and also observe the astrological remedies of Rahu and Ketu. All of these things will bring benefits and lessen the harsh effects of this Yoga. Please keep in mind that the planetary energies are quite ancient and are indeed intelligent and fully aware of all aspects of humanity. Remedies such as gemstones, though effective to a degree should always be augmented with sincerity, devotion, and the regular practice of worship and mantra japa.

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