Ketu Affliction Remedy Ring

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An afflicted, malefic, or weak Ketu in a natal horoscope causes a persons to become cynical and harsh. These people often have a fiery temper and appearance similar to an Asura with large eyes and protruding veins, their mannerisms and voice tend to be devilish and they are prone to loud fits of laughter. These people are often insensitive to others in their surroundings and can become impatient very quickly. They are fond of explosives, fireworks, and firearms and are mesmerized by flames and fires. They are prone to excessive smoking. It is often the case that people with weak or malefic Ketu lack faith in divinity or religious and spiritual teachings and find it difficult to have their prayers answered. They manage to start businesses and engage in ventures related to business but encounter many obstacles and failures with their endeavors. It is likely that people experiencing the negative effects of Ketu may suffer from frequent infections and viruses. Seemingly all wounds big or small become infected or inflamed. Ketu is represented by a banyan tree, bodhi, or rubber tree, and these should be places frequented often by people with Ketu issues.
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