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When Kuja (Mars) is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th houses in a natal horoscope, the said individual has Kuja Dosha. This means that they are prone to experience the harsh and negative effects of Mars energy in the areas of life represented by those houses. The degree of those effects will vary according to the placement of and aspects from benefic planets in the chart. Kuja translates most closely as Burning Coal or Red Complexion and he is also one of Lord Shivas sons. Kuja Dosha causes a person to be brash in speech, to be unintentionally harsh with words, and can often cause a person to be largely misunderstood or avoided by others. This Dosha can cause a person to overly domineering and combative in relationships. This can spill over into anything the said individual is passionate about and often causes adverse effects on career and status. A person with Kuja Dosha is likely to experience quarrels and differences in opinion with family members and relatives. Many with this Dosha experience the early loss of their spouses, and also anger or emotional issues. One remedy for this is marrying a person with the same Dosha to nullify the effects and also to wear red or white coral set in a gold, silver or copper ring on the right ring finger.
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