Linen Ritual Robe

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Linen robes have a longstanding place in both temples and magical groups as ofmost essential ofbasic garments ofmagician priest or priestess. se are individually made to fulfillrequirements ofmost demanding rituals and traditions. Even traditions like witchcraft where some workings may be performed skyclad will usually often robes for a transition garment when passing betweenmundane world andcircle. se linen robes are custom sewn forindividual as recommended in many oftraditional grimoires and come ready to wear plain or for you to addsymbols and prayers and consecrate as your tradition requires. Not to be mistaken for mass-produced garments of cheap or substitute fabrics se arefinest linen robes you will find. Because each robe is custom made to your measurements expect four to six weeks for deliveryfromtime you supply us wrequired measurements.Available in eir natural (beige) or white.

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