Mars Affliction Remedy Ring

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An afflicted, malefic, or weak Mars in a natal horoscope often leads to blood related problems, thinness of blood, dizziness, anemia, high blood pressure, hot temper, miscalculations due to over enthusiasm or excess of energy. An afflicted mars can also cause a reduction in ability to reproduce, impotence, and the delay of progeny. Women may suffer from irregular cycles and frequent miscarriages. These afflictions can also lead a person to go into debt and find it quite difficult to repay loans. Afflicted or weak mars also causes a person to have difficulty in recovering loans given to others. Other negative effects from an inauspicious Mars in a birth chart include legal problems, involvement in criminal activities and frequent court trials. This person will usually have recurring dreams of being chased. In order to benefit from any of these remedies, these individuals must keep a close check on their tempers and their egos. They must not wear read and should avoid dark or red drinks. These individuals should try to avoid buying or purchasing red objects, clothing and foods on Tuesdays, they should not buy fireworks, guns, or explosives at all and should avoid lighting candles and fires or cooking on Tuesdays. They should avoid red meat as much as possible and they should try to also eat soups with a lot of fresh vegetables. Rich or salty foods should be avoided as these build the fire element inside the body increasing harsh energies and causing inflammation which in turn leads to increased temper, clouded thinking, and more health problems. They should take triphala or garlic after meals. People with Kuja (Mars) issues can also benefit by worshiping the sun and pouring sugar water from a copper vessel to the Sun in the mornings. Worshiping Hanuman, Durga, or Shiva brings peace and benefits these people greatly. These individuals should donate red clothes or fabric on Tuesdays, also red colored foods and pastries with the exception of donating these to the people related to them or loved ones. They should avoid lending money, giving money or taking loans on Tuesdays or during Kuja Nakshatras. This would cause major problems for them. If these people are indeed experiencing health issues related to Mars, they can take a small earthen ware pot and fill it half way with fennel seed, cover it, then bury it in an unknown place during a Mars Nakshatra. This will help ease the problems and cause medicines or treatment to be more beneficial. These people should make it a point to maintain their relationships with their brothers and resolve any issues or grudges that may exist between them. They should try to make it a point not to get into arguments or fights with them as this will make things worse for them. They must avoid gossip and small talk at all costs. They should make it a point to feed people for free at least once a week. Individuals who experience anxiety, laziness and fear because of Mars problems should place a container of water near their bed before sleeping. In the morning this water is used to water plants. This person should not accept knives, swords, or sharp objects from anyone. Bars and steakhouses must be avoided. These people should work to become religious or committed to spiritual teachings and practices that benefit them and others. Laughing and amusement is especially good for balancing Mars energies. These individuals must learn to relax and take it easy. Bathing with water in a red container or bucket, left overnight with a submerged copper Mars yantra or a triangular piece of copper, adding red sandal powder, sindoor or kumkum powder, turmeric, and the insides of a banana flower on a Tuesday morning, helps to balance the energies of Mars and brings benefits. This should be done every Tuesday until things improve. People with afflictions from Mars should avoid walking barefoot on hot surfaces or reddish floors.
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