Mercury Affliction Remedy Ring

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An afflicted, malefic, or weak Mercury in a natal horoscope often leads a person to have limitations in their reproductive ability, reduces the strength of olfactory senses, and also limits sexual strength and appetite. This person may have unattractive teeth or may be prone to cavities and diseases of the mouth. These afflictions to Mercury in a chart lead a person to have learning challenges and encounter marked obstacles in academic pursuits. They may have challenges expressing themselves or speaking. They may also have speech impediments or stammering. People with afflictions to Mercury in a birth chart generally avoid arithmetic and math as much as possible. Nervous disorders are common. These people should avoid alcohol and red meat as much as possible. Miscommunication and malfunction of communication related devices are common for people with these afflictions. People suffering from Mercury afflictions should never humiliate others about things related to intellect or intelligence. They should always be humble about their dealings with others and never show off their talents are abilities in a way that insults or humiliates others. They should never use their speech or writing to insult or hurt others. They should make it a point to feed their younger female relatives on a weekly basis. Donating a silver nose ring to wives, daughters, or female friends is beneficial to those with Mercury issues. If Mercury is Malefic, they should avoid wearing green. If Mercury is weak, they should wear green on Wednesdays. Sincere worship of Durga Maa and chanting her mantras daily, commencing on a Mercury Nakshatra brings quick results and corrections for people with Mercury issues. Worshiping Saraswati also aids individuals who are afflicted by Mercury problems and may have speech impediments or intellectual challenges. Worshiping Vishnu is also highly beneficial. People experiencing problems with their senses due to Mercury should feed fish, ants, cats, or dogs on Wednesdays. They should avoid spicy foods and hot pepper. People that suffer from Mercury afflictions should spend time in places that have flowing water near them. These people can take an earthern pot and fill it half way with honey, cover it then bury it in a cemetery or secluded place during Aslesha Nakshatra to help neutralize negative effects from Mercury. If these individuals own birds they should not be caged or the cage should be left open. The commencement of wearing a copper or bronze Mercury yantra on a Wednesday after chanting Mercury mantra 108 times or reciting Budh Astottara Shatanamavali once brings beneficial results. These individuals should own idols for their deities made of bronze. Feeding four legged animals on Wednesdays is beneficial for people suffering from Mercury afflictions. Eating only green vegetables on Wednesdays is also beneficial to these individuals. Donating fruits, green clothes, study materials, books, communication devices and vegetables to charity on Wednesdays brings benefits to these people. These people should plant banana trees, money plants, or Tulasi near their houses or should live in places that have these near the dwelling.
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