Moola Nakshatra Mansion of the Moon Ring

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Moola Mansion of the Moon Ring; Moola Nakshatra is owned by the tantrik goddess Dhumvati, the Lawless One. The Smoky One. One of the attendants of the cremation grounds under Kali Ma. This Nakshatras planetary ruler is Ketu. Its symbol is a bundle of tied roots. This is a Nakshatra of occultism and tantrik rites. The energy carried by this Nakshatra is conducive to ruining, destroying, seperating, and breaking apart. Conversely, this same energy current is excellent for removing the veil between the living and the dead, shielding from dark forces, and immobilizing aggressors. This Nakshatra gives good results for all tantrik rituals of a more serious nature including exorcisms, removing corrupt officials from high places, finding criminals, investigations, taking herbal preparations, forcefulness, initiation into occult sciences and astrology, retribution, and rectification of situations caused by enemies.

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