Moon Affliction Remedy Ring

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An afflicted, malefic, or weak Moon in a natal horoscope often leads to psychological challenges for the individual, emotional instability, frequent depression, constant and incessant worrying about parents and family, suspicion about mate, lover or spouse, disrespect towards mother, arguments with spouses or lovers, people with this affliction often have a strong inclination towards alcohol abuse and drugs. Afflicted or malefic moon can also bring about life marked by illusions, and impaired judgment. Some people with afflicted or inauspicious Moon in their charts develop negative personality traits and devious thought patterns or habits. They may often lose control of their thoughts and lack the ability to think clearly. These people may also suffer from frequent dehydration and spend long periods in locations that are dry and hot. People with these afflictions must make sure to drink a lot of water and avoid dehydration. They shouldn't eat too much dry foods. These individuals should try to wear white clothes on Mondays and avoid dark colors as much as possible. Wearing a silver bangle or wearing silver anklets and earrings helps to ease physical symptoms associated with Moon afflictions. This person's deities and idols should be made of silver or white marble with with colors in the altar area. This person should try to incorporate things into their life and activities or business ventures related to milk, dairy products, paper , cotton, sea related things, and aquatic things. Living near natural bodies of water like lakes, ponds and the sea is highly beneficial for these people. Four silver nails submerged in water from a spring or a pond and left in the light of a full moon during Hasta Nakshatra nailed into the four corners of the house after empowerment by 108 rounds of Chandra mantra helps to ease the negative effects of Moon afflictions. This should be repeated every 3 months. Wearing a Chandra yantra beginning on a Monday after reciting 108 repetitions of Chandra mantra or 1 recitation of Chandra Astottara Shatanamavali is benefical to afflicted or malefic moon people and the yantra should be kept in a white cloth while not being worn. The yantra should be washed in water from a lake or pond every Monday and worshiped with the same procedure. Worshipping Shiva is beneficial to these individuals or reciting and listening to his mantras also helps. Fasting on Mondays is beneficial. These people should not drink milk after dark and should not give milk to anyone at night. Donating moon related substances like pearls, milk, white cloth or clothing, rice, coconut milk, coconut oil, white shells, shell jewelry, and silver on a Monday or during one of the Nakshatras ruled by the moon is highly beneficial. This person should give white foods, milk, white cakes or pastries to unmarried girls or virgins on a Monday. Worshiping Shiva through Shiv Lingam pouring milk or water on it is excellent for these individuals. This person should have a round mirror or polished shell disk on one of the walls of their house or a round mirror on the entrance to their home. Regular bathing on Monday morning with water from the sea, a pond or a lake with coconut milk, jasmine flowers or white lotus, rock sugar, oils powder or white sandal powder will balance the energies of the moon and neutralize the negative effects. These people can take 21 grains of white rice in the palms of their hands while worshiping Shiva or Chandra, place them inside a white conch, tie it with white cloth and throw them it into a running river on a Monday or during one of the Moon's Nakshatras. Blowing a white conch shell inside the house on Monday morning is beneficial. Consistent practice of meditation is probably most beneficial for all planetary afflictions but especially for people with Moon issues.
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