Oberon Folger MS26 seal pendant of the characters of King Ramalath

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Oberon Folger MS26 seal of the characters of King Ramalath. The Oberon grimoire, is interesting in that it is the only grimoire (that I know of and can think of offhand, which specifically lists various Faerie / Fae / Fairy Kings and Queens! While other grimoires may also list these particular types of entities, they do not go into detail, show their specific spirit seals, and give a vast heirarchy of the entities like the Oberon does. This particular seal of Vamalath, one of the Fae Kings. The seal can be used as a contact point, and to call upon him more strongly. It is also useful to be worn as a necklace/pendant full time, to be able to connect and work with him more strongly. It can also be useful as a good thank you or trade for requested work done. This seal is lost wax cast in pure metal, either copper or sterling silver, which is far more friendly to the Fae than mixed metals or steel pendants.
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