Pleiades Enochian Talisman seven Stars silver ring quartz

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Pleiades B Enochian Talisman of Pleiades or seven Stars Silver Pleiades ring quartz

The second are

the Pleiades,

or seven Stars, which amongst stones, rule over Crystall, and the stone Diodocus; amongst Plants, the Herb Diacedon, and Frankincense, and Fennill [fennel]: and amongst Metals, Quick-silver [quicksilver].

Under the constellation of Pleiades, they made the image of a little Virgin, or the Figure of a Lamp; its reported to

increase the light of the eyes, to assemble Spirits, to raise Winds, to reveal secret and hidden things:

I offer a Pleiades ring made of either pure quartz crystal, of silver with a quartz stone or of zinc with a quartz stone. Frankincense and fennel are also added to the ring with the image of a lamp or a virgin (your choice).

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