Rahu Affliction Remedy Ring

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An afflicted, malefic, or weak Rahu in a natal horoscope causes the individual to have a sinister or striking disposition with piercing eyes and a slim face. This person will more than likely experience tragic loss of pets, specifically dogs and especially black dogs. The person may often experience dryness of eyes or red eyes and this individual may be inclined to argue or engage in small talk often. People with malefic or weak Rahu in their charts are often misunderstood easily by others and argue with colleagues, spouses, partners, and lovers. They have a difficult time putting their minds at ease and often suffer from insomnia. This person may often be visited by snakes and reptiles and also dream of them frequently. These people often feel as though they are being cheated, mistreated or abused by lovers and friends, leading them to become defensive and demanding. Difficult to compromise with. These individuals have a strong inclination towards drugs, alcohol, and escapism.
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