Saturn Affliction Remedy Ring

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An afflicted, malefic, or weak Saturn in a natal horoscope is an indicator that the said individual should not own cows or cattle due to the fact that they will often cause loss because of them frequently falling ill and dying. A malefic or afflicted Satrun causes a person to be prone to danger from electricity and this person may also experience frequent malfunctions with electric devices, hazards from wires and the like. These people often wear clothing that doesn't last long or ruin clothes easily. They also seem to live in houses that incur unexpected damages and which have defects in appearance (old or worn). These people like antique things that have a worn or rustic appearance but seem highly unattractive to others. These people often experience problems from vermin and insects eating their clothes and food, or eating away at their houses. Men become bald or start losing hair at an early age. Often people with a weak or malefic Saturn in their birth charts experience bouts of illness and challenges to their health. These people tend to be very stern, pessimistic and have a morbid air about them. They are prone to using foul language often. These people often find themselves lonely because of their stern disposition and their lack of flexibility or optimism.
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