Shatabishak Nakshatra Mansion of the Moon Ring

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Shatabishak Mansion of the Moon Ring; Shatabishak Nakshatra is owned by Durga, the victorious and fierce devi, heavily armed, riding a tiger, who is swift to defend her children and grant their requests when they chant her mantras and visualize her form. The planetary ruler of this Nakshatra is Rahu. Its symbol is an ox cart, or a round charm. Shatabishak translates to 100 Healers, 100 Stars, or 100 Flowers. The divine energy of this Nakshatra is that of healing. Good results will be achieved during this Nakshatra from contracts, business deals, signing for houses, land and properties, herbological pursuits, education, travel, recreation, sensuality, astrology, medicinal preparations, healing or correctional therapies, media events, advertising, promotions, going to beaches or visiting the sea.

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