Sirius Enochian Talisman Greater Dog Star silver ring beryl

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Sirius A Enochian Talisman of the Greater Dog Star in silver Sirius ring beryl

The fifth is called

the great Dog-star / Sirius,

which amongst stones, rules over the Berill [beryl]: amongst Plants, Savin, Mugwort and Dragonwort: and amongst Animals the tongue of a Snake.

Under the greater Dog-star, they made the image of an Hound and a little Virgin;

it bestoweth honor and good will, and the favor of men, and Aerial spirits, and giveth power to pacifie and reconcile Kings, Princes, and other men:

I offer a Greater Dog star ring with the image of a hound and little virgin engraved onto a Beryl. I also include mugwort and dragonwort in the ring and even a snake’s tongue if you wish.

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