Sravana Nakshatra Mansion of the Moon Ring

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Sravana Mansion of the Moon Ring; Sravana Nakshatra is owned by Sri Vishnu, the great preserver of the universe. Its planetary ruler is Chandra or Soma (Moon). Its symbols are a human ear, 3 footprints in an uneven row, or a trident (trishulam). Sravana tranlates as listen or perceive. This Nakshatra is the perceptive star, receiving mundane and astral sounds and teachings. This Nakshatra grants the capacity to study other cultures, belief systems, and perceive other dimensions or planes of existence. This star fosters astrologers, religious scholars, priests, clairvoyants, linguists, mediums or those who channel messages from higher planes, music writers, and those in the recording industry. Vishnu devotees benefit greatly if fasting is observed monthly on the day of Svravana Nakshatra and pujas done on this day give good results. This Nakshatra gives beneficial results for new ventures, counseling, listening, recording, interviewing, travel, buying property, medical treatment, socializing, learning, studying languages, reading and writing, music, philosophy, meditation, religious activities, politics, humanitarian activities.

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