Sun Affliction Remedy Ring

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An afflicted, malefic, or weak sun in a natal horoscope often leads to problematic health, problems with eyes or eyesight, numbness, nervous disorders, and problems with circulation. This planet when afflicted or malefic often causes the individual to be insecure, leading the person to put on airs or bully others. The insecurity and low self esteem caused by these afflictions often leads a person to be reclusive and lonely. Regular morning worship of Sun and pouring drinking water to the sun from a clear glass, copper vessel, or clear crystal container helps to remedy the negative effects. Chanting the 108 repetitions of the Surya mantra on a Sunday during a Sun hora (hour) or chanting the Surya Astottara Shatanamavali once on Sunday facing East are also beneficial. Regular fasting on Sundays is also beneficial to these individuals. Commencement of wearing Surya yantra on a Sunday after chanting Surya mantras is beneficial. Donating red clothes to charity on a Sunday and offering red or gold colored foods is also beneficial. Feeding these foods to the blind is also greatly beneficial. Do not accept or buy Sun related objects or colors on Sundays (red things, sun shaped objects, copper, and grains.) Bathing with water that has been left overnight with a gold coin, or copper surya yantra submerged in it, the next day adding yellow or red sandal powder, red flowers, lotus, rain water and holy Basil on a Sunday in Surya hora helps ease the negative effects of a malefic or weak Sun. This should be repeated every Sunday. These people should always make sure to never argue with their fathers or make them angry if at all possible. Nailing copper nails to the 4 corners of the bed that have been submerged in rain water and placed under sunlight for a whole day starting the morning of Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra then energized by Surya mantra 108 times for each nail during Surya hora helps stabilize negative effects from the Sun. This should be repeated every 3 months. People with afflicted or malefic sun in a natal chart, or those in a questionable transit of the sun should give special attention to their health and appearance in general to maintain them. A ring set with