Talisman Purva Ashada Nakshatra mansion of the moon magick ring

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Purva Ashada Mansion of the Moon Ring; Purva Ashada Nakshatra is owned by Varuna, deity of the cosmic waters. Its planetary ruler is Veli or Sukra (Venus). Purva Ashada translates as モImmediate Victoryヤ, モUnstopableヤ, or モUndefeatedヤ. Its symbols are a winnowing basket or fan, which are both used to separate that which is useful from that which is useless. This Nakshatra grants invigoration. This Nakshatra gives good results for the commencement of activities directed at self mastery, spiritual development, to develop and achieve siddhi in a short time, fasts, austerities, meditation, funeral rites, buying and selling four legged animals, pilgrimages, borrowing and paying off loans, reconciliation, revitalizing, water travel and transport, sailing, sea navigation, visiting ancient places, sensual pleasure.

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