Venus Affliction Remedy Ring

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An afflicted, malefic, or weak Venus in a natal horoscope can cause women to have deficiencies in their reproductive organs and conversely can cause impotence in men. The negative affects of Venus in a birth chart can cause these individuals to experience difficulty and obstructions in romantic pursuits or finding love. These individuals often experience differences in opinion with daughters or wives. These individuals tend to be lethargic and non productive or lack the desire to do anything outside of the living quarters. They may lack the desire to keep a clean home and often have unsightly restrooms, and bedrooms. These people are often more interested in fantasizing about love and sensuality than actually being involved with others in this regard. Their vehicles usually have defects, or look worn or damaged and they often encounter difficulties with finding transportation and purchasing vehicles. These individuals may have the tendency to be promiscuous, and disloyal. Venus energies can be clarified and balanced by keeping a spotless house, especially bathrooms and bedrooms. Also keeping idols, images and statues related to Venus and Laksmi in the home helps bring balnce. Wearing a Sukra yantra after reciting 108 repetitions of Sukra mantra starting on a Friday will benefit those with Venus afflictions. If Venus is malefic in a person's chart they should avoid nightclubs, brothels, and other people's bedrooms. These people are prone to contracting venereal infections and being caught up in scandals. These individuals should never decline wedding invitations if at all possible and should attend, contribute, and eat there. If Venus is weak in a chart the individual should spend time in hotels, palaces, temples, beautiful parks and beaches. People who have issues with Venus through natal chart or transits should makes certain that they are always clean, bathe regularly, with good hygiene, wearing clean clothes and fragrance. These people must pay close attention to the health and cleanliness of their reproductive organs and must try to avoid arguing with lovers, partners, spouses and friends. These individuals should wear Sukra yantra after prayers and reciting Sukra mantra 108 times or 1 recital of Sukra Astottara Shatanamavali on a Friday morning. Individuals with these particular Venus afflictions should donate cream or pearl colored objects, clothes and foods on Fridays and should not accept or purchase these things on that day as well. They should not consume milk or sweets after dark. Performing puja and making offerings with rice and milk brings blessings and helps correct unbalanced energies associated with Venus. If Venus is malefic in a chart, then the said person should avoid wearing white or cream colored clothing on Fridays and should avoid consuming things related to this planet on that day as well. If Venus is weak in a chart, they should wear these colors and also fast on that day. These individuals should plant white flowers near their homes like roses, plumerias, gardenias, and jasmine.
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