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Yantra for overcoming fears and for control over fairies

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A Yantra talisman which requires you, the person who uses it to perform mantra recitation and puja to empower it for overcoming fears and for control over fairies. The person attempting to gain control over faeries or other nature spirits should proceed with extreme caution and use the appropriate measures to ensure that it ends up actually being worth the effort.

Yantra literally means "machine" "apparatus" or "device". It can also be be described as something that fastens or is fastened such a s concept or a specific energy pattern. The human body itself is a yantra and similarly drawn, written, or sculpted yantra are often the mystical bodies of divinities. Yantra often contain numbers, syllables, and words from various formulas that carry specific energies. When these symbols are configured in specific ways, they become harmoniously resonant. They then vibrate at specific frequencies which permeate the energy field of a space or the person wearing them. These energies magnetize specific things and also repel energies not harmonious to them.

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