Yantra of Rahu

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The bodiless head of the asura Svarbhanu after severed by lord Vishnu. Rahu is considered the North node of the moon and is a shadow planet, or gravitational point between the earth and the moon. This yantra is recommended for those seeking to prevent hidden enemies from harming them and also to prevent severe misunderstandings between people. Rahu yantra also helps prevent incorrect diagnosis of illnesses, being deceived, or cheated. This yantra helps an individual curb a strong appetite for materialism and overspending. The planetary energy of Rahu and its yantra are known to benefit those who seem to be constantly misunderstood and those who seem to make enemies everywhere they go. Rahus energies when in harmony with a person also help those who are accident prone and seem to encounter obstacles at every turn. Rahus yantra helps curb the effects of psychological challenges, prevents unwarranted fear and anxiety and stabilizes dark forces that may come into contact with a person. This yantra is highly recommended for anyone having an afflicted or malefic Rahu in natal or transit charts. Rahus color is grayish blue and his vahana are 2 black horses.

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