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About Enochian.org

Supplies for practiciing Magickians, all hand and custom made by me, Athena.  I have been practicing magick for.... about 25 years now (good thing magick helps to keep you look  young :D).  Every single item is made to order, after you order.  No, I don't have 20 goetia circles sitting on the shelf waiting to be ordered!  Does everyone realize it takes 40-60 hours to paint one of those?  Yes I have had people asking if I could just ship a ready made one before...  The good news about this is that you can specify specifics for your circle.  As long as it isn't a major change, the price will stay the same too.  Also you can order (in the example of circles) a completely different circle than the one from the Goetia.  Do keep in mind though, no returns or exchanges on custom work. 

Unique and custom orders are my favorite.  Is there something you would like that you don't see on the site?  Just send me an email with your specifications and I will see what I can do :). 

Keep in mind that all products and services are for novelty use only.  I of course (pretty obvious by my articles) beleive 100% in my practice and what I do, but what I offer is just for fun and has no specific claims beyond that.