One thing which I get asked about quite often is, how many talismans can I wear together at one time. I would say that it depends on what sort of focus you want. Do you want to focus more on one particular thing, or do you want several smaller things running in the background? I'd generally say 1-2 at a time. You can however swap them out and place them on your altar when you aren't wearing them.

Another common question is, can I wear such and such talisman with such and such other talisman, or mojo? I would say, ask each one :D. Aside from that you can sort of tell. If you put two on together, and things feel like the apocalypse setting in, it's likely not a good match. No problem, just take turns with those two.
How many things do we need or want to work towards at once in our lives? Usually it's just 2-3 things, so all is well. Money, love, learning/education tend to be the top three areas which people like mojos for. Well OK magical powers too, but that is a category unto itself really :D. I know many would be surprised at the learning/education one, but if you think about it, what magician doesn't want to learn more about their path and the spirits they work with? Old grimoires, old alchemical and astrological texts, who wouldn't want to study and learn those more adeptly? ;) Also education goes a long way to help with long term financial stability, more leverage at work and so forth.

But for a moment just think about the mundane parts of these things. How many people can properly balance money, love life, education, and perhaps something else all at once, and do well in all areas? We see some doing this from time to time, and they are the folks who have already spent years building the foundation for each one. Once you have one down quite well, then moving onto the next area of your life tends to work even better. Due to this I would recommend focusing on one talisman at a time for a month or few, then swapping out and trying another, or perhaps wearing both together. Or perhaps you could have one to enhance an area of your life you are already doing well at, then add a second one to bring about more major change in an area you don't have under control yet.

Also keep in mind, if you are currently unemployed and far behind on bills, a money talisman is going to need to work quite a bit harder, than if you just need a bit of a boost to make more than you do now, find a better job, or land a promotion. Btw, you can of course find an extremely good selection of talismans over on my website at :D. I really recommend the Yantras and Arabic talismans as they work really well, and are fun to make since they are the newest ones I have been making.

Magick rings for amulet or talismanic purposes. Each of the talismans listed are hand made by myself. I also do magics to the talismans to make them so that they work for what they are designed to do. If you would prefer your talisman to have nothing done to it please specify. No I do not charge the talismans as the methods I have been taught for preparing the talismans do not include charging. Also the instructions in the original books do not talk about charging at all. I also recommend that you do not charge the talisman as I believe the process of charging is not the best for this type of talisman. As I do construct each talisman by hand please allow 2 weeks for the talisman to be made before I mail them. If I do not have all of the ingredients in stock, it could take up to 1 month to complete your talisman. I will contact you after your purchase to let you know how long your item will take to make. For any of the following talismans you must provide me with the full name of the person I am making the talisman for, as well as any other people involved (such as with the enemy work talisman). I offer the following talismans as well as custom talismans. All prices include shipping and handling to the US or Canada. No refunds or exchanges on these talismans as they are custom made. Most of my talismans are made from precious metals, embroidered silk or gemstones in the form of a pendant or in the form of a round or square that you place on your property, or in your pocket. Talismans are not something that you order, then forget about to grow dust. If you want them to work for years to come you must take them out and do the short spell on them at least once per week. My talismans are created from various sources, the old grimoires, old Egyptian papyri or pyramid carvings, ancient clay tablets, ideas the invisibles give me, as well as magics I have been taught over the years. If there is a certain deity, being or type of being that you can not (or will not) work with, do let me know before I create the talisman for you. Most of the talismans can be custom made (at the same price) to include your beleif system. Put some thought into your purchase before you buy one of my talismans Also check out the less expensive options on my website such as the powders and charms first to see if one of those might fit your purpose.

"Products and services on this site are "for entertainment purposes only", and as is obvious by my articles, I am a practitioner and fully beleive in my practice, path and items.
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