​Jealousy, time to get over it and move on, we are practitioners after all..

Jun 1st 2018

​Jealousy, time to get over it and move on, we are practitioners after all..

A word or 2 about jealousy. First off, get over it. Seriously. Most of the time folks who are doing well, are doing so because they worked their ass off, day in and day out for it! Not everyone only works 40 hours per week... Of course there are folks who have things just handed to them with no effort, and that is annoying and all... HOWEVER... are we not magicians? Is half our goal not to have an awesome advantage over and above the basic odds that mundane folks have to settle with? Also being on this path, that whole perfecting oneself bit, does everyone just forget that sometimes, in lieu of sending immaturely motivated curses towards folks they are jealous of?

Most of the work I get to uncross people, is from just silly jealousy crap. Much of the work I get asked to do on people, is motivated by... well at least not quite as petty jealousy crap, but still predominantly jealousy. Oh sure, we are all human, and jealousy comes up, but do we really need to dwell on it, and have it guiding our actions? We all KNOW, the grass is greener on the other side. Would you really want to trade your current life and all things included for another? I sure definitely wouldn't. Oh sure, someone may look so lucky, like everything goes well. Heh, anyone can fake they are doing perfectly, post photos of someone else's car and such on fb, but really... once you get to know them, is everything so 100% perfect?

I learned a lesson very early on in my life... the jealousy wasn't productive in any way whatsoever. Of course it comes up, and to claim it doesn't I'm going to say I don't believe you. But just letting it go to the wayside, along with any other non-useful thoughts is a more productive way to move forward with things. I learned that instead of wasting time and energy on being jealous, that I could instead use all that thought, time and energy on manifesting that very thing I was jealous of, for myself. Say perhaps they have an awesome car, or lover, that you want (hey I was a teen when I started thinking about all this lolol), well then get to work and manifest similar, yet usually even better as it's more unique to you, for yourself.

If we are too busy just being pissed off about another person's success, we aren't busily manifesting for ourselves. Seeing everything as the external isn't always the most useful way to get things done, or progress along the path. Why do you think we see fancy shiny things we want? So we can figure out how to work to get them, or decide that it is false societal BS that makes us want some of these certain things, then move onto more useful projects.

Now this whole cursing folks because they have something we don't (in our own minds anyways)... seriously, get a life folks. Such a waste of time and resources. Save the cursing for assholes. If you have cursed someone you are jealous of lately, instead of your local neonazi, you have your priorities backwards! If that last sentence offended you, the unfriend button works by clicking on the "friends" tap, then using the drop down menu to change things up <3

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