Secrets in magickal traditions

Posted by Athena / on Jul 20th 2018

Secrets in magickal traditions

I'm going to do a series on why I feel it's important to keep some things secret and not public. I had a well thought out comment recently about how the person believed that ALL knowledge and information should be publicly accessible. I did suggest several points, but the person had good thought out refutes to each of them :D. For example, my one point about folks using certain practices of paths to do in innocent people. The reply being guns and gun laws. Though, either way, no one likes to see children get sick or die needlessly, but anyways... Another point was why hoard knowledge and power to oneself?

I had to put some thought into my reply about why to keep things secret. I may also do a video on it at some point. The first point though, I am doubting that most folks who feel all info should be open and public, have not seen many friends/family get hit hard or die from magical attacks. OK so not a huge number, but one or 2 does leave a lasting impression. Also, I have no interest in the people in power, world leaders sort of thing, to have occult knowledge, they do enough damage and harm on their own in mundane ways. Not like they don't also do their own occult research, but I don't plan to help them. I think the SS already proved how one could go overboard and abuse these things too much. Also, at least date rape drugs turn the drink a different colour to warn people. I have nothing against a little lust magic, but when a person can't think for themselves or has no will of their own, that is pretty unethical.

When one does too many, too much, or too strong nasty works, a few things can happen. Your spirits can leave you (and generally are replaced by trickster spirits), different types of spirits start to favor you and hang around (which can cause many problems in life, just by their energy and nature), or the work turns inwards (or gets sent back) and your own life goes to crap.

Though, the above is a trivial reason compared to the more important aspects of secrets and oaths. Generally, we have all made oaths, or promises to not share certain parts of the information and teachings we have been given. If we don't honour these oaths, then we are just not credible at all, in the eyes of the mundane, as well as spiritual realms. Also we are exposing the path and path ancestors to corruption, by armchair magicians, or those too new, or too deluded, to know what is what and how to work the path.

As more and more people get tiny glimpses of a particular path (and that is all that is really online and in books), then they often do such things as teach others (pretending it is the full real path), write books on the topic (again making out like it's the actual path), or worse yet, working the path in their own corrupted form. Oh sure, many are going to say but it works. That is only because one doesn't yet know how well and strongly the actual real, pure form of the path works. Dabblers, in any path, are not working the path, and more often than not, don't even have contact with the actual spirits, forces, beings and energies of that particular path.

So now we have, a bunch of pseudo paths out there, with either unsettled deads, trickster spirits, or just random spirits standing in for the Deities and etc. of the older traditional paths. Then over the years, many people give these imposters offerings, to only strengthen them further. Though this is really the better scenario; more often the practitioner's own false ego/self creates beings of a sort, which fit the description (sort of) of what they are trying to call. This way, actual real seekers, really do get a very warped idea of what these original ancient paths are or are about.

Part 2 coming soon :)

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