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Why you should shop with us:

We have the best selection of handmade and hard to find items
I make each and every tool, circle, incense and most items to order
Over 27 years experience practicing magic, thus can make quality items
We have hand engraved talismans, seals, and amulets
Most of our products come wrapped in 100% natural silk
The Hebrew and Enochian letters on the tools actually look like they should
Our shipping prices are pretty good
It's best to support fellow pracitioners
Mass produced items suck and don't work very well

The more purchases we get, the more new items we can carry
I need help with my book buying budget...

Our shipping costs

$16.99 for items totaling $19.99 or less
$17.99 for items totalling $20-$99.99
$19.99 for items totalling $100-$199.99
$19.99 for items $200 or more

Aside from this, if your item is very large and/or heavy (such as canvas circles, Enochian table of practice, Enochian tablets, Triangle of Solomon you will pay more for shipping. It is $50-$60 for an Enochian table of practice to ship, but for that price I will also ship the rest of your order at no extra cost, usually. The same goes for the triangles. If you purchase something really light and small for over $200 and get charged $19.99 I may give you a partial refund on your shipping. However I will often send the package special delivery and insured, so it may cost $19.99 anyways.

Update July 26th 2014: I am now offering cast items! I have the entire casting setup in my studio, and can cast any design you wish, custom or one of the talismans or seals. I have a casting section up, but not all of the products and photos are listed yet. I will be adding them bit by bit as I have time. 2" seals are $199.99 each in silver, brass, bronze, steel, copper, mixed copper and silver, or "looks like gold". I offer 14K gold for $1999.99. I am also offering 1.2" discs for $99.99. casting

Below is a list of the products, articles and services that I offer. Check back often as I do randomly add more supplies.


A complete list of our products May 20th 2009, there are more then this now, and I will update the list in the future:


1/2" or larger ruby cabachon engraved with a listed entity seal
1/2" or larger ruby cabachon set in a pendant with any listed seal on it
14K Gold Enochian ring
14K gold Ring of Solomon
14k Gold ring with ruby, emerald or sapphire engraved with an amulet,
1st Pentacle of Jupiter
1st Pentacle of Mars
1st Pentacle of the Sun
2" engraved gold disc of any listed entity
2" engraved gold disc seal made into a pendant
2" engraved sterling silver disc of any listed entity
2nd Pentacle of Jupiter
2nd pentacle of Mars
2nd Pentacle of the Sun
3" engraved disc of copper, steel, or brass of any listed entity
3" engraved disc of lead, pewter, bronze or tin of any listed entity
3rd Pentacle of Jupiter
3rd pentacle of Mars
3rd Pentacle of Saturn
3rd Pentacle of the Sun
4rd Pentacle of Saturn
4th Pentacle of Jupiter
4th pentacle of Mars
4th Pentacle of the Sun
5th Pentacle of Jupiter
5th Pentacle of Mars
5th Pentacle of Saturn
5th Pentacle of the Sun
6 foot Goetia circle
6 foot leather circle
6th Pentacle of Jupiter
6th Pentacle of Mars
6th Pentacle of Saturn
6th Pentacle of the Sun
7th Pentacle of Jupiter
7th Pentacle of Mars
7th Pentacle of Saturn
9 foot Goetia circle
Abramelin incense French recipe with rosewood
Abramelin incense German recipe
Abramelin incense with Aloeswood
Abramelin oil French version
Abramelin oil German version
Advanced Enochian magic course
All 72 blank discs for Goetia
All 72 Goetia Daemon seals
Ambergris tincture
Ambergris tincture (pure and real)
Ambition Elixir
and magically prepared to work and work well.
Angel incense
Angel, Enochian incense
Astral enhancing chalk
Astral enhancing ink
Astral travel Elixir
Athena's special cursing oil
Aumulet - Proteciton from the dead
Aumulet - Protection during travel
Aumulet - Protection from Angels
Aumulet - Protection from bodily harm
Aumulet - Protection from cursework
Aumulet - Protection from Daemons
Aumulet - Protection from posession and influence
Aumulet - Protection of your house
Aura Repair Bath
Avoiding the law Elixir
Bad reputation Elixir
Banishing incense
Banishing powder
Beelzebuth oil
Blessing oil
Braided copper bracelet with lapis
Braided copper chocker with lapis
Brass disc
Breakup powder
Bring in Business from your products powder
Buer healing water
Command oil
Compel powder
Confusion charm oil
Consecration incense
Copper disc
Courage Elixir
Daemon Manifestation incense
Daemon offering incense regular
Daemon offering incense special occasion
Daemon oil
Daemon oil for use with the stone phalus
Daemon specific incense
Demon bowl design magical item
Devil Dust (for luck)
Divination, Daemon
Divination, Life or situational
Dragon's blood ink
Dragons Blood resin
Easy Life powder
Egyptian incense
Egyptian magic and religion course
Enochian 101 course
Enochian altar cloth
Enochian altar cloth with tassels
Enochian banners, all 12
Enochian ensigns of creation in tin
Enochian ensigns of creation painted on the table
Enochian golden talisman in 14k gold
Enochian incense
Enochian mini SDAs, set of 4
Enochian Planetary incense
Enochian Sigil Dei Aemeth engraved in beeswax
Enochian sigil Dei Aemeth engraved in marble
Enochian table of practice
Enochian table of practice in Cedar or Pine
Enochian tablets, set of four hand painted on wood
Essence of a particular entity Elixir
Essence of a particular person Elixir
Essential oils, over 60 different types
Etheric enhancing ink
Evocation incense
Fast Luck Oil
Fast Luck powder
Fear Elixir
Fear Not Cross Over Evil / Run Defil Run
First pentacle of Saturn
Flauros annointing oil
Genuine goatskin parchment, one 3x6" piece
Genuine sheepskin parchment, one 3x6" piece
Gift Certificates
Glamour Bath
Glamour Elixir
Glamour Oil
goatskin 8.5x11" parchment
Goetia Evocation course
Goetia evocation sword with painted or engraved lettering
Goetia incense
Goetia incense for fumigating the lead disc
Goetia silk or canvas triangle
Goetia wood triangle
grimoires but where no seal is shown.
Grimoirum Verum incense
Hex Breaking oil
Hex Breaking powder
Hexing powder
High John oil
Hot Foot Powder
House blessing incense
Ill health Elixir
Immunity to persuasion Elixir
Incantation bowl design magical item
Inner work course
Invisibility elixir
Key of Solomon incense
Lead disc
Lemegeton incense, 7 herbs
Lion skin belt with lettering
Lionskin Belt
listed with a seal in one of the grimoires.
Lodestone Drawing Oil
Longevety Elixir
Love Oil
Love powder
Lucifer oil
Lust cologne with a musk base
Lust cologne with an ambergris base
Lust Elixir
Lust incense
Lust perfume (to attract a man)
Lust perfume (to attract a woman)
Lust powder
magics done on it to make it work and work well.
Mandragora/European mandrake
Mandrake oil
Mental clarity Elixir
Money Drawing Bath
Money Drawing Incense
Money Drawing Oil
Money Drawing powder
More hours at work powder
Musk tincture
Musk tincture, pure musk,
Necromancy After Graveyard work Bath
Necromancy incense
Necromancy oil
Nightmares Elixir
Offering incense
Opening up of psychic senses Elixir
outside if you prefer).
Peace oil
Peace water
Planetary energies Elixir
Power oil (my recipe)
Protection chalk or oil pastel
Protection from Angels Elixir
Protection from any specific entity Elixir
Protection from demons Elixir
Protection from evil magics Elixir
Protection from inlaws
Protection from spirits Elixir
Protection from unwanted spirits Elixir
Reversing oil:
Reversing powder
Ritual wand
Road Opening Bath
Ruby cabachon pendant with an amulet, talisman or spirit seal engraved
Ruby Ring engraved with an amulet, talisman or spirit seal, then
Ruby ring or Pendant engraved but with no extra magics
Sandalwood, Red
Sandalwood, white
Second pentacle of Saturn
sheepskin 8.5x11" parchment
Shemhamphoresch seals
Silver disc
similar to that found in the goetia.
Simple copper and semi-precious gemstone ring.
Skryhing course
Skrying mirror
Skrying mirror specific to a particular entity
Smoking Ghost Powder
Spiritual Drawing Oil
Statue annointing oil
Steel disc
Sterling silver bracelet with spell phrase engraved on the inside (or
Sterling Silver Enochian ring
Sterling Silver Ring of Solomon
Sterling Silver signet ring of Solomon
Strength Elixir
Strong energy body Elixir
Sutakh, Hecate and other dark Deity incense
Talisman - Anti theft
Talisman - Be well thought of by others
Talisman - Bring money to your business
Talisman - Destruction of your enemy
Talisman - Devotional
Talisman - Do well in Court
Talisman - Gambling
Talisman - Invisibility
Talisman - Invisibility of an entire room
Talisman - Luck
Talisman - Lust
Talisman - Magical powers
Talisman - Money
Talisman - Motivation
Talisman - Wealth
talisman or seal and magics done on it.
Tiger Oil
Tin disc
To be the center of attention of men elixir
To be the center of attention of women elixir
To become the center of attention Elixir
To bring business to your store or website powder
To destroy a person elixir
To dispel vampiric entities Elixir
To get that girl Elixir
To get that guy Elixir
To have me find a Daemon or Angel (your choice) who would want to work
To have me obtain a seal for you of an entity that is listed in the
To have me obtain for you an alternate seal for an entity that is
To help one sleep Elixir
To move a specific person out of your life Elixir
To overcome the evil eye Elixir
Traveling the spirit worlds course
Uncrossing Bath basic
Uncrossing Bath extra strength
Uncrossing Oil
Van van cologne
Van van oil
Vegetarian Musk
Venido powder(come to me)
Ward off vampiric entities Elixir
with you, obtain their seal, as well as a description of the spirit
Zinc disc



My perception of the original Great Table from Dee's notes
Red: Fire and East - White: Air and South - Green: Water and West - Black: Earth and North




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