Abramelin incense Aloeswood

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Abramelin incense with Aloeswood. This is the French manuscript translation version of the Abramelin incense. To be used during the 6 month operation. Though it does smell pretty awesome that perhaps you would want to use it sometimes during the 18 month working as well :D. It is comprised of olibanum (which is an amazing smelling version of frankincense pretty much, but slightly different than standard frankincense), Storax (I use the tree resin for this incense as I find it works better than just the wood or bark. Some folks use the essential oil, which I personally find to be not suitable for incense at all whatsoever, nor traditional in any way), and Aloeswood (we all know how rare and difficult to find aloeswood is. Fortunately many people have taken up growing the proper trees for it. There are many different grades of aloeswood, I use a standard decent grade for the incense). In the book it states that you can use such things as rosewood or other sweet smelling woods instead. Personally I prefer to stick with aloeswood, as long as it isn't seriously endangered currenty. Yes the price is a bit higher, but well worth it. It not only smells amazing, but also has extremely affective magical properties.