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The Enochian Aethyres, anyone?

Has anyone else worked through the Enochian Aethyres, sequentially? I don't mean in one sitting, or just over a weekend. I mean more like taking an 6 months or more to complete them and spending that time in each Aethre? I feel that the quick just rush through them in a sitting or two approach really isn't the same and doesn't create as many profound magical and energetic changes. Also when you do them this slowly, or perhaps even at a slower rate, much more can be learned and experienced.

Over the years, I have completed such workings with a couple of different groups of people, and found it to be most definitely a worthwhile endeavor. If you are wondering how to work through the Enochian Aethyres, it is laid out in my book. I do however recommend performing the 19 day working beforehand. The 19 day working simply takes 19 days, of daily Enochian work, and I feel it is essential for much getting done in the Enochian system.

This may not be a popular viewpoint, but I feel it is very important. It is essential that you go through the Aethyres on your own, open to experiencing each one how they truly are BEFORE reading anyone else's experiences with each Aethyre. The person's blog or book you are reading, could be wrong (ohmygoshshesaidit!), they could be less evolved than you are, the experiences could not be relevant to you and your path, but most importantly you are setting yourself up for a very limited preconceived idea of each Aethyre.

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