We do things differently around here.  We create each and every tool specifically for you, when you order.  This means that the tool is made for you in particular.  These are not mass produced in some factory, nor are they just randomly made; they are created by a practitioner with more than 30 years of experience in the magical arts.  Each and every tool is specific to your energy, your path, and your spirit.  We don't have a stack of 20 Lemegeton circles laying around.  It does take 2-4 weeks to create each tool, yet the difference is more than worth it.  Most magical tools found around the internet and in stores, are just printed out on wood or fabric, and rarely if ever hand painted.  Jewelry that is found around in other places doesn't have the actual entity invoked into it, like ours does.  Also, ours are made with jewelry grade pure metals.  We don't use random mixed materials.  We utilize the materials closest to what is used, and how things were made, back when the grimoires we all use, were originally written.  Each of the talismans listed are hand made by myself (and the invisibles :D). I also do magics to the talismans to make them so that they work for what they are designed to do. If you would prefer your talisman to have nothing done to it please specify. No I do not charge the talismans as the methods I have been taught for preparing the talismans do not include charging. Also the instructions in the original books do not talk about charging at all. I also recommend that you do not charge the talisman as I believe the process of charging is not the best for this type of talisman.

As I do construct each talisman by hand please allow 2 weeks for the talisman to be made before I mail them. If I do not have all of the ingredients in stock, it could take up to 1 month to complete your talisman. I will contact you after your purchase to let you know how long your item will take to make. For any of the following talismans you must provide me with the full name of the person I am making the talisman for, as well as any other people involved (such as with the enemy work talisman).

I offer the following talismans as well as custom talismans. All prices include shipping and handling to the US or Canada. No refunds or exchanges on these talismans as they are custom made. Most of my talismans are made from precious metals, embroidered silk or gemstones in the form of a pendant or in the form of a round or square that you place on your property, or in your pocket. Talismans are not something that you order, then forget about to grow dust. If you want them to work for years to come you must take them out and do the short spell on them at least once per week.

My talismans are created from various sources, the old grimoires, old Egyptian papyri or pyramid carvings, ancient clay tablets, ideas the invisibles give me, as well as magics I have been taught over the years. If there is a certain deity, being or type of being that you can not (or will not) work with, do let me know before I create the talisman for you. Most of the talismans can be custom made (at the same price) to include your beleif system.

Disclaimer: While I beleive 100% in the products that I make and am a practicing magician, all of my products are for entertainment purposes only of course :) By purchasing any of the products or services on this website or from me directly you agree to this disclaimer.

"Products and services on this site are "for entertainment purposes only", and as is obvious by my articles, I am a practitioner and fully beleive in my practice, path and items.
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