Silversmithing, gemstone engraving and lost wax cast jewelery, by Athena. Magical ornamentation is probably the most ancient form of adornment and the original basis for decorative and modern forms. Fashioning ornaments from precious metals and stones to harness energies and house spirits in an ancient art form that has been present in most cultures since the dawn of humanity. Specific metals, stones, and other natural substances are used to create ornaments worn on specific parts of the body which empower the wearer or are sometimes specifically worn for ritual or ceremonial use. Words, symbols, and magical diagrams are often included in the fashioning magical jewelry and these serve to focus magical energies into the energy field of the practitioner or their work. Each symbol carries the specific frequencies of the energy it represents and brings benefit or power to the wearer.

After a year in planning, learning and experimentation; I now offer cast items! I have started with seals, as those are the most requested item (and most fun to make too :D), as well as some rings with cabochon settings. I will be adding more items over time, Enochian mostly. I also of course take custom orders. I offer 14K gold, sterling silver, brass, bronze, copper, steel, faux gold, and pewter. Some time ago, Vassago had helped me in a very big way, in less then half an hour. My roomate had lost something very valuable to him, and was making my life hell due to this. So I had asked for Vassago's help to have this item found within an hour. (it might have proved more worthy to call Andras to just shut up the roomate instead though) Anyways, since I was giving Vassago such strict and immediate time constraints I offered a pretty good trade... his seal in tin. Well he of course came through, as Vassago always does :). So now I had the task of making his seal in tin. The only websites I could find selling tin sheet metal at the time were industrial sites that wanted to sell me enough to make a Vassago seal the size of a football field. While Vassago might have very much enjoyed such a seal it was a bit out of my budget, and there would have been problems transporting it to the nearest field anyways. So I was down to having to make the disc myself. I found a tin ingot supplier on ebay, and fortunately a friend who also needed some tin to melt went in on the 30 lbs of tin with me.

"Products and services on this site are "for entertainment purposes only", and as is obvious by my articles, I am a practitioner and fully beleive in my practice, path and items.
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