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Magic Classes!

Want to learn Enochian, but it all just seems so confusing??? Not getting results using those "spirit summoning for dummies" books? You'll need a great teacher for that, and you've found one!

Enochian, Goetia, Skrying and more!

Sterling silver Ring of Solomon

Perfect for talismans or spirit seals

Blank metal discs! Copper, steel, tin, lead, silver, brass

Engraved Spirit Seals!

Are you terrible with an engraver? Every good spirit deserves a proper seal!
Get a real seal and feel the difference that a stone or metal disc makes that has been made by a true practitioner of the art!


Various antique or older pieces created into talismans or already magical.

9' Goetia Circle on canvas or silk!

If you want to properly practice Solomonic magic and call the spirits of the art, you'll need one of these.
Highly recommended for serious practitioners! 9' With snake $849.99 no snake $699.99

Break-up Powder!

Want your ex back? Interested in someone that's already taken? You'll need some of this ;) $19.99

Talismans, Amulets, and Incantation Bowls

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Each of the talismans listed are hand made by myself. I also do magics to the talismans to make them so that they work for what they are designed to do. If you would prefer your talisman to have nothing done to it please specify. No I do not charge the talismans as the methods I have been taught for preparing the talismans do not include charging. Also the instructions in the original books do not talk about charging at all. I also recommend that you do not charge the talisman as I believe the process of charging is not the best for this type of talisman.

As I do construct each talisman by hand please allow 2 weeks for the talisman to be made before I mail them. If I do not have all of the ingredients in stock, it could take up to 1 month to complete your talisman. I will contact you after your purchase to let you know how long your item will take to make. For any of the following talismans you must provide me with the full name of the person I am making the talisman for, as well as any other people involved (such as with the enemy work talisman).

I offer the following talismans as well as custom talismans. All prices include shipping and handling to the US or Canada. No refunds or exchanges on these talismans as they are custom made. Most of my talismans are made from precious metals, embroidered silk or gemstones in the form of a pendant or in the form of a round or square that you place on your property, or in your pocket. Talismans are not something that you order, then forget about to grow dust. If you want them to work for years to come you must take them out and do the short spell on them at least once per week.

My talismans are created from various sources, the old grimoires, old Egyptian papyri or pyramid carvings, ancient clay tablets, ideas the invisibles give me, as well as magics I have been taught over the years. If there is a certain deity, being or type of being that you can not (or will not) work with, do let me know before I create the talisman for you. Most of the talismans can be custom made (at the same price) to include your beleif system.

Put some thought into your purchase before you buy one of my talismans Also check out the less expensive options on my website such as the powders and charms first to see if one of those might fit your purpose.

Anti-theft talisman $29.99 a talisman which will cut down a lot on theft from your home or business. Also see the anti-theft charm in the charms section.

Be well thought of by others talisman $99.99. This is a talisman that will help you to be very well thought of by others. Of course there is likely to still be the odd person that doesn't like you, but in general you will be very well thought of and people will like you.

Bring money to your business talisman $299.99. To draw money to your business, and is to be placed in your place of business.

Destruction of your enemy talisman $999.99. I will need your full name as well as the full name of your enemy to create this talisman. While it can work long distance, I strongly recommend that you bury it on your enemy's property. I am not responsible for how well this talisman does or does not work. If you tend to feel guilty after a spell works better then you expected, you are on your own if you purchase this talisman and use it. Comes with one free bottle of uncrossing bath and a pair of non-latex gloves. I do not recommend this particular talisman for those newer to magic.

Devotional talisman to enhance your connection with a spirit, Deity, Daemon or other invisible. $399.99

Do well in court talisman $399.99. It will be double (if I will even do it) if you want a rush order on this. Please do think about ordering this talisman ahead of time, not at the last minute.

Gambling talisman $199.99. This talisman is to increase your odds of winning in most gambling games. Choose ones that you are already good at, but also experiment to see which games your particular talisman works best with. Also be sure to check out the gambling hands/charms, as well as custom gambling powders that I make.

Invisibility talisman $399.99. While this talisman can work slightly on the physical plane in the sense of people not particularly noticing you, it is specifically designed to work on the more subtle planes. The purpose of this talisman is so that you can do your magical work and have it unnoticed, so that you can avoid magical attacks, or be unseen by most spirits. Keep in mind when you order this talisman that when you wear it you also won't be seen by your tutelery spirits unless you follow the specific instructions included with the talisman.

Invisibility of a room talisman $399.99. This talisman will cover one room of 200 square feet or less. The talisman works to make the room in particular and those within it invisible on the subtle planes. It also can help a little to have people physically forget it exists, but only partially works in this way. It is specifially designed to make a temple or magical workng room unseen by prying non-physical eyes, or extraneous spirits. Keep in mind when you order this talisman that you have to invite the spirits you work with into the room before you put it up, and any that are already in the room will be able to see you just fine. Instructions included.

Lust talisman $199.99. Place this talisman under your bed (or rug, or couch, or kitchen counter) for increased lust in that area. Also check out the musk or ambergris lust cologne that I offer.

Luck talisman $99.99. A talisman that increases your general luck. The small things usually, meeting someone who can really help you with a certain situation just when you need it, the good parking spaces, half price sales right when you need a specific item, as well as things just generally going well. This talisman is pretty much not at all likely to help you win the jackpot. It could increase your chances on those $5 and $10 prizes though for example. Comes with one free bottle of uncrossing bath that must be used for 3 days in a row before you start to use the talisman.

Protection from angels Talisman. $149.99. This is a talisman where you must state a particular phrase on a regular basis or whenever an angel that you don't like shows up. Now keep in mind that this talisman is not 100% infallible, but it definitely does help.

Protection from bodily harm talisman: $499.99. If you are worried about being attacked by humans for whatever reason, or presently do get harmed, this talisman will help to deter people from attacking you. It can work in a number of ways, such as distracting the attacker, making them decide it isn't a good idea to mess with you, and so on. Now keep in mind that if you have pissed someone off a lot, or if you walk around at night in the bad part of town wearing a gold watch (for example) this talisman isn't likely to do much.

Protection from cursework from others Talisman $199.99 or $499.99. The $199.99 version is a general protection from magic from others, while the $499.99 version is a very strong protection and would only be needed if you are sure you have an experienced magician who is working against you.

$499.99 version

Protection from Daemons/demons talisman. $499.99 I mean those that mean you harm. This talisman does not make you no longer see or perceive them, it just protects from harm from them. Now keep in mind if you have pissed off an ArchDaemon or an enemy has sent one to mess with you, it is likely that this talisman won't work all that well.

Protection from the dead talisman $499.99. Just what it says. Not that this talisman is infalible, but it will definatly help. I also recommend you set up an ancestor altar to help with the project. Also see my selection of protection from the dead door charms. This protection talisman is to help to protect you from any attacks or negative influence from the dead. It will not prevent you from seeing them, if it is just their presence that unsettles you I recommend just regular cleansing and asking your tutelery spirits to help out.

Protection of your house talisman $199.99 and $399.99 for two (one for the front door and one for the back). This talisman works to protect those living in your house from negative magics, physical harm and spirits with a bad intent. The $99.99 version is plenty sufficient for most people, and the $399.99 version is only needed by those who are presently under attack by an experienced magician or very strong spirit.

Protection during travel talisman $199.99. This talisman helps to ensure that you have a safe journey whether it be over land, by air, or by sea. When you order you must specify land, air or sea. While I can make a more general talisman to include all 3, I recommend choosing one of the 3 if that is your primary mode of transportation that you are worrying about. I highly recommend these talismans if you are worried about a trip overseas.

Protection from possession, obsession and influence by spirits talisman. $399.99. A very useful talisman if you are especially prone to this sort of thing, live in an area bad for it and so on. Now if you go doing stupid shit such as carrying graveyard dirt in your pocket, this talisman is unlikely to help much if at all.

Magical powers talisman and ring $999. For the enhancement or introduction of magical talents. Now for the reality check, if you don't have the natural talent already the talisman can only do so much. If you already have the talent, the talisman can enhance it. This talisman does not (obviously) offer any superhuman powers. I have found that if you use it with a specific request (one at a time) that yes it does enhance that particular ability. Keep in mind when you order that this talisman takes 1 month to make. Also, if you request a particular talent with this talisman and you decide that you do not like it afterall or the affects scare you, you are on your own. Magic is not something to be played with or taken lightly. To order this talisman after you pay, you must send me an email telling me that you have been practicing magic for at least 5 years and that you actually know what you are doing. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Money talisman: $99.99. Brings money to you. Keep in mind the talisman has to find an avenue to bring you the cash. It is not going to work if you just sit on your ass watching TV all day for example. Also don't come complaining to me if you get some overtime at work. (yes some people have lol)

Motivation talisman $199.99. I have done much research in this department and have found a few things that work. Keep in mind when you order this talisman that you have to make sure that you don't start to overdo things. Always remember to keep a balance.

Wealth talisman: $199.99. This is another version of the money talisman engraved into either precious metal or a gemstone. It depends entirely on who I am making this talisman for as well as the most likely route the money will come from. To order this talisman you have to send me an email explaining the various methods money could come your way. Keep in mind for things such as winning the lottery, even if the talisman increases your chances 100 times the odds, you still have a hope in hell..

"Demon bowl" $199.99 made from clay which I fire here, $299.99 for engraved glass or pottery and $499.99 for engraved semi-precious stone. These are "demon bowls" fashioned after the well known Babylonian, Assyrian and Egyptian demon bowls. Their use is for protection. When you order please specify which type of protection you are wanting. Yes the modelling clay ones tend to work quite well even though I wouldn't recommend most things be made from modelling clay. The bowl can be made to protect from a specific person or spirit, or general protection. Keep in mind when ordering that I am far from expert in pottery and the bowl will tend to look very primative.

"Incantation bowl" $99.99 for modeling clay or unfired clay, $149.99 for engraved glass or pottery and $249.99 for engraved semi-precsious stone. These are "incantation bowls" fashioned after the well known Babylonian, Assyrian and Egyptian incantation bowls. Their use is for health, healing, or love. When you order please specify which type of incantation you are wanting. Yes the modeling clay ones tend to work quite well even though I wouldn't recommend most things be made from modeling clay. Keep in mind when ordering that I am far from expert in pottery and the bowl will tend to look very primative.

Disclaimer: While I believe 100% in the products that I make and am a practising magician, all of my products are for entertainment purposes only of course :) By purchasing any of the products or services on this website or from me directly you agree to this disclaimer.

Discliamer: I am a practicing magician, however all products and services are technically for novelty use only.
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