Aldebaran C Agrippa fixed star talisman Gold Aldebaran ring garnet

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Aldebaran C Agrippa fixed star talisman Gold Aldebaran ring garnet

The third is the Star


which hath under it, amongst stones, the Carbuncle, and Ruby: amongst Plants, the Milky Thistle, and Matry-silva.

Under Adlebora [sic. Aldeboran], they made an image after the likeness of God, or of a flying man;

it giveth riches and honor:

I offer an Aldeboran star ring with either a ruby or garnet stone, engraved with the image of a God or flying man. I also add milky thistle to the ring.

Agrippa's fixed stars

Agrippa's fixed stars

Henry Cornelius Agrippa astrological fixed star talismans. These are gemstone ring talismans created as per the instructions in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy. We use a within 1 degree window, as we prefer it over even 2 degrees out. The energy does seem to definitely change in this time frame.

Talismanic Rings

I have created several of the rings specified by Henry Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy. I have found them to work extremely well! Agrippa definiitely knew what he was doing when it came to talismans! The way I have created these rings for myself is to use the stone specified by him, as well as to either quench the ring in the juice or tea of the herb/s recommended and/or place the herb underneath the stone if the ring design allows this. These rings do work in general, but if you wish to have one start to work extra strongly for a particular time, you have to tap it with your finger. Or at least that is the method which seemed to work best for me. For example the memory ring can be inconspiciously tapped during a conversation to remember certain facts or literature.

To properly make a magical ring Agrippa states:

Chapter xlvii. Of Rings, and their compositions.

Rings also, which were always much esteemed of by the Ancients, when they are opportunely made, do in like manner impress their vertue upon us, in as much as they do affect the spirit of him that carries them with gladness or sadness, and render him courteous, or terrible, bold, or fearfull, amiable, or hatefull; in as much as they do fortifie us against sickness, poisons, enemies, evill spirits, and all manner of hurtfull things, or, at least will not suffer us to be kept under them. Now the manner of making these kinds of Rings, is this, viz. when any Star ascends fortunately, with the fortunate aspect, or conjunction of the Moon, we must take a stone, and Hearb [herb] that is under that Star, and make a Ring of the Metall that is sutable [suitable] to this Star, and in it fasten the stone, putting the Hearb [herb], or root under it; not omitting the inscriptions of images, names, and Characters, as also the proper suffumigations”.

Then later in the first book he lists the stars along with which herbs and stones are used to work with them. In the second book he tells us which magics can be used with each star and the images to be engraved onto the stones. “These are the images of some of the fixed stars which they command to be ingraven on their stones under them.”

I have made several of these rings over the years, and have found Agrippa’s method of engraving the image onto the stone and wearing the ring to be extremely affective. Since I make magical rings on a regular basis using gemstones, I thought I should offer the Agrippa talismanic rings as well.

With each of things rings I either purchase a new ring or make a ring with a large precious or semi-precious gemstone setting. I use the gemstones recommended by Agrippa for this. I will then cleanse the ring of all previous energies and influences using various methods. Next I engrave the appropriate image onto the ring during the best election I can find in a within particular time period. Lastly, still during the favorable election, I will add the specially prepared herb to underneath the ring as stated by Agrippa. I will also usually add the star symbol onto the gemstone, either on the side or back, or even front if there is room.

I just use the best election for the ring itself when deciding on when to engrave them. However, if you would like to have the ring specific to you and your birthchart I will gladly do that as well. I work with a very experienced astrologer who can use your chart to figure out the best time for me to engrave the ring specifically for you so that it will work the best for you in particular. This can be an amazing combination and is by far the best option if you can afford it. Add $99.99 to have the ring's engraving time specific to your chart

(free computer generated birthchart included if you would like one)

Now keep in mind that the images on the rings are hand drawn by me with a jeweler’s engraving tool, they just aren’t going to be perfect masterpieces. Fortunately I can draw decently well and have been drawing for my entire life, however the gemstones in the rings tend to be only 1/2-1” in size. While this is extremely large for a precious gemstone, this is very small to create a work of art onto :>. Needless to say, I will try my best with the images described, and will remake the ring if it doesn’t look very good. However I don’t offer refunds or exchanges just because the image isn’t perfectly formed.

"Products and services on this site are "for entertainment purposes only", and as is obvious by my articles, I am a practitioner and fully beleive in my practice, path and items.
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