Handmade bath mixtures made from various herbs, resins, roots and so forth, to bring about cleansing, protection, luck, and more. We only use 100% pure roots, herbs and sometimes essential oils. No synthetics are used! These are only a small sample of the magick baths we carry, if you do not see what you need please inquire. To use any of our baths you simply add them to a pot of water, approximately 1 litre or so. Bring it to a boil, then after about one minute turn the heat down and simmer it for another 5-10 minutes. Next you can either strain it into your bathwater, or you can just pour everything into the bath water. If you do pour everything in, including the bits of herbs, just use either a strainer to get the chunks out after your bath, or one of those fish tank nets, or a bird catching net. It is best to take each bath each day for 3 days in a row. Be sure to dunk your head uner the water as well for 3 or 9 times. It is recommended that you sit in meditation and do not have contact with other people for at least half an hour to an hour after the bath. If however you do not have a bathtub, you would prepare the herbs as above, but then pour them into a bucket, which you fill with warm shower water (this step is very important for comfort level!) and pour over yourself slowly at the end of your bath. I prefer to brush off any chunky bits afterwards than shower them off. Spiritual and magical baths are common worldwide in traditional belief systems and are a powerful way to cleanse, clarify and strengthen the etheric body of the recipient. Natural substances and herbs, colognes, natural oils, and extracts, are common ingredients in spiritual baths. These beneficial energies are introduced into the magnetic field of the recipient through the medium of water and work to correct and balance the energy field. This allows the bather to achieve a state of energetic balance on an astral level, the effects later become apparent on the physical plane or mundane world when the bathing is carried out over a period of days and done consistently. Baths to bring a specific desired result are most effective after divination, then cleansing baths and other procedures to clear blockages.