Traveling the Enochian Aethyres

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The Aethyres

There are several methods for travelling the aethyres or aires. Dee and Kelly did not outline any particular method in their works, however many people have successfully travelled through the aethyres. Some of the methods include: Skrying, the Golden Dawn method of rising on the planes, astral projection, spliting of consciousness and sending part out, dreaming, shamanic journeying into the underworld, pathworking, amd many other methods that bring you into the aethyres.

When travelling the aethyres, the first few steps would be to recite the call of the aethyres, the 19th call. The princes for the particular aire should also be called upon. Their sigils may also be used. However, an outline of how to get from point A (your place of working) to point B (the particular aethyre) is not as clear. Many people have used skrying to travel through the aethyres, however this is not the only viable method. I have found that there are many different ways to reach the aires that can bring about a richer experience than skrying alone.

I personally create a gate by using a vision of the elemental tablets in sphere. Once I create this sphere around me, I can easily access whichever eathyre that I choose. I recieved this vision of the tablets in a sphere around me during a skrying session. I started to look around myself and 'saw' the tablets all around me in the form of a sphere, then noticed that it took barely any effort to travel to the aethyres while in this sphere.

I have also used astral projection to travel the eathyres. I use the governers names and sigils to help find the location that I am looking for. I have found that it seems easier, but more time consuming, to start with TEX and work towards the particular aethyre that I wish to explore. I have also gone directly to the aethyre that I wish to visit, but have found that the images are not quite as intense/solid.

More recently I have worked with the aires by calling them (one by one) into my everyday life. I will travel to each aethyre one by one, then bring the energy of that particular aire into my mundane reality. The reason for doing this is that I have noticed many great spiritual lessons and realizations come from my mundane world. I feel that I will gain a deeper understanding of eath aethyre this way. I am working on one aethyre per moon cycle. I have started with LIL and am working towards TEX. I started this work on the dark/new moon and work until the next dark moon, when I progress to the next aethyre. This way I start with the waxing energies of the aethyre first, then progress to the waning energies.

Since I have started this work, I have noticed that my visions within the aires seem to be more accurate, in the sense of the symbology matching up with that of the tables or other works.

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