Various readings offered, tarot, scrying, divination to see which Angel or Daemon would most like to work with you, as well as other forms. Daemon Divination. How this works is that I will divine to see which Daemon may want to work with you and which you may get along the best with. The cost of this divination is: $49.99. Basically if you are new to working with Daemons and are wondering which one you may work best with, or which one may want to work with you, then I might just be able to help you out. Of course there may be more then one Daemon who you would work well with, but I will at least try to get you the name of one of them. Now keep in mind that this might not work sometimes, or perhaps none of the ones I know are the right one for you, or mercury could have fallen out of the sky the week I try... but I will at least try to get a name for you. If I get nothing, you will receive a refund. If you can possibly email me a photo this would help as well for me to be able to connect with your energyto assist with the divination. I will need your full real name and address to do this divination properly. Life situation divination. With this divination I will consult the cards as well as the Daemons to discern what is helping you and hindering you at this time, as well as in the future. I can also gain more specific information if you desire. I will spend an hour in ritual and divination for you with this service, then I will email you the results. All this for a donation of $49.99.

"Products and services on this site are "for entertainment purposes only", and as is obvious by my articles, I am a practitioner and fully beleive in my practice, path and items.
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