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9 planets afflictions talsiman remedy rings. These rings are based on the principles of Vedic astrology and serve to remedy energy imbalances or deficiencies stemming from astrological factors. These have been laid out in ancient Indian texts such as the Lal Kitaab and other Shastras which give specific remedies for planetary aflictions. The gemstones and metals are specific to particular planetary energies and wearing commences on specific days and during specific times. Specific stones are worn on specific hands and fingers to either strengthen or balance energies in a person's energy field. Some work to deflect harmful energies that are magnetized to the individual due to astrological factors.

In Hinduism, the nine planets (including the North and South Nodes of the moon known as Rahu and Ketu) are called Graha, which translates to "That which grabs or seizes". The Grahas are often envisioned as people or deities who cast rays (Drishti) from their eyes, between each other and to the earth. Each planet is seen as an emanation of a superior consciousness and each is associated with a specific deity or devta. The planets are masses of energy who have been in place long before humans and actually played a great role in the formation of humanity. These energies are not only present in the sky but also within the hearts, minds and bodies of humans. These gems and stones form deep below the earth's surface over thousands of years where they are saturated by the electromagnetic energies of the earth, the sun, stars and planets. Each stone carries a vibration that is specific to one of the 9 planets and which interacts with the energy field of the wearer in a specific way that magnetizes, repels, or amplifies certain energies.

Wearing gemstones as remedies to correct or balance planetary energies has its advantages, however these should be augmented by certain other actions and procedures that help to trigger and perpetuate the beneficial energy patterns around and within the wearer. The planets are ancient, intelligent, and are fully aware of the facets of human life. They work on levels of consciousness that are deeply tied to a person's development, merit, thoughts, and actions. This means that they can't be fooled by simple use of their stones. Benevolence and taking up procedures with a sincere heart and commitment are the keys that activate their positive aspects and keep them in motion around the individual. With each planet mentioned, there are also several other procedures that the wearer should seriously consider in order to benefit fully from serious use of the stones. This is especially true with the energies of Saturn (Shani) Rahu (N. Node) and Ketu (S. Node).

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