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Sex with students, teachers or entities / Teaching your significant other

It is very likely that you will disagree with most of what I say here ;).  That is finee.  If we all always agreed with one another, we would never learn anything, nor have much to think or contemplate about.  I do ask that you read all the way to the end though to fully understand my perspective on this and the various why's.

I have always heard that it is very unethical and bad for teachers to have sex with students.  Though no one ever really says why, or at least only gives vague, or very mundane reasons.  I go into much much more detail here about the why you should not, but also how it can be used as an extremely good teaching tool, in very rare cases.  The reason I have included entities in this article is because there are so many parallels to this, and most of the time any entities which we do have sex with are also our teachers, whether we realize it or not.  This article also includes people who are not teachers or students, but who are far above or below our present "grade" for lack of a better word.  This can also include mundane folks, if they are sensative and/or open, or sometimes even if they are not.  Though don't worry too much, unless you practice very regularly and have been for years, the affects on mundane folks are very minimal. 

This article covers personal experience, as well as things I have seen regarding other pairs of people and/or spirits embarking on such activities.  I will try to be as vague as possible regarding particular people, but also keep in mind that I lump several similar situations together in my examples. 

First of all, I would like to start by apologizing to any students which I have had sex with over the years who have had any bad experiences or outcomes from it (fortunately that number would be very very low, but I am not perfect and wisdom comes with time).  Though I wold like to thank my teachers who I was fortunate enough to experience such things with.  No I don't recommend such things for most others, and it was very fortunately not an buse of power by them. 

Yes I do include consenting adults who most definitely knew what they were getting into in this article, in case it wasn't obvious.  I warn against such practices, but, not for the reasons most would figure.  As you read on you will see.

The most obvious reasons of why not to have sex with students is the whole using your power, or perceeived power as an advantage.  I'm still trying to understand this one a bit.  It is rather obvious why it is frowned upon in say a college or university, as grades are involved.  Also relevant in magical groups where grades are involved perhaps as well.  Though in this case I think it's more often the teacher who loses out on this one ;).  So the problem being, basically the teacher would end up getting to have sex with folks who would not normally have sex with them, due to their power/perceived power.  With as many teacher fetishes there are in the world, I wonder how true this may be.  Though I do understand it happens way more often for other reasons than we would like to admit.  By teacher, I am also including much more experienced folks coupling with much less experienced folks. 

One obvious and main reason for forgoing such practices is that it tends to weird out most students.  It is too much like having sex with a parental figure.  Also most think of having sex with a teacher as just wrong, not right, ew, and inappropriate, no matter who the teacher is.  If this is the case, do not push such things with stupid ideas about how they must overcome societal norms. 

Now the main reason I would say that it is a very bad idea to have sex with a student (listen up teachers) is because many students don't feel it is OK to say no.  They are either intimidated, feel they may get thrown out, feel the teacher may stop the teachings, haven't thought things through while in the middle of an energy rollercoaster, or worried they will be alienated, feel they will lose the connection with the teacher, worried about the teacher getting angry, and the worst bit is that some folks who have received very inappropriate sexual abuse from parents or others as a child, could be just keeping up with the cycle of abuse.  Very bad scenario.  Even if you as a teacher do decide that sex with students is OK, I very strongly recommend to not go there with folks who were sexually abused as a child, if there is a large age difference.  Or perhaps even if there isn't, do be careful with this, even if you do have the odd notion that it could be healing for them or help them.  Most often, whether anyone involved realizes it or not, the teacher really is a parental figure subconsciously.  The relationship can be used for working out past issues with one's parents, but also could actually make things worse if proper precautions and common sense are not taken. 

Now the bit about much older teachers having sex with much younger students... if the student is under the age of consent.  Do not do this.  Magic doesn't make it any more legal, and the lack of world experience of a person this young (hence why they can be taken advantage of so easily) does not make it any less legal.  This is not only unethical, but can also cause some extremely serious problems if they have not fully reached adult maturity levels in body, energy or spirit.  If their parent or guardian gives you permission, no this does not make sexual activities with underage students OK, not all parents are always thinking straight.  If you are under the age of consent, just stick with mundane folks and folks your own age until you are a bit older :).

I will go a bit into why it happens.  Well of course people get horny and/or fall for other magicians.  It is very common, finally someone who we can get along with, who has the same beliefs, who we can energetically connect with, and so forth. This often tends to bypass our rational thinking at times.  I would say that most magicians tend to feel that no one really fully understands them and no one really connects with them fully, accept fellow magicians, and even then sometimes they are still searching.  This is especially true during difficult times in our lives.

It also happens because you end up doing energy work together, which connects people more strongly to each other, much more strongly.  A connection that most people are not used to.  A connection which many mistake for love and/or lust.  It is also quite overwhelming for those newer to the path, in a good way but still overwhelming.  It sounds as if I'm talking about just newbies here, but no not really, since as people progress, things just get more intense, it is just a whole new level of new experiences, new energies and uncharted waters which are very unfamiliar to people. As a teacher one has to be careful that it doesn't end up being a similar situation as having sex with someone drunk or on drugs, and as a student one has to be careful about unplanned sexual activities during ritual or teaching sessions. 

I personally find that such topics should first be broached in a non ritual setting and most definitely not right before the sex would commence.  The whole "it was obvious this person liked me in that way and/or was after me" thinking is quite often not accurate.  Also it should be 100% acceptable for the person to say no thank you, without any consequences whatsoever.  I have learned that anytime I ask a student if they wish to embark on that part of the work that it is important for me to make sure that they know whatever their answer is that their being a student will not change at all and that I will not take offense.  Yes, you do have to get a place where you will not take offense to a "no".  Speaking of which, no answer to a direct question, is also a no, at least for the time being. 

Next I will cover the why it can be good in some cases, which should also obviously point out why it is a very bad idea in other cases.  It is an extremely strong way to share or transmit energy back and forth. 

Think about that.

For awhile....

But sharing energy with a teacher or student is always a good thing though right?  Uhm, no.  It can be a good and useful tool, but it can also cause many many problems.  The first major problem is that any imperfect energies of the teacher also get passed along with the awesome energies.  This is true for teaching in general of course, but adding sex to the eqution, just ups that 100 fold.  It can flow the other way as well, but usually to a much lesser degree. So as you can see a very strong teaching or initiation tool, but which must be used carefully.  Now think about the implications of sex with entities, who are much stronger magically than us; the same rules apply, so careful selection is important.

Of course these things also all apply when you have sex with another magician and there is some energy involved, or even a non-practitioner who has a weak energy field, or personality for that matter.  Which may not seem bad until you think about the fact that they are not used to the magical energies, not used to being able to sense things which most can't and have been trained that only crazy people see or feel things, or perceptions of other worlds.  This is the same with a teacher/student or magician/entity as well.  When we have sex with someone, some of our ability to perceive things does transfer over.  Sometimes only for a short time, but other times for much longer.  This can permanently change someone.  So we must be quite responsible when going about these sorts of activities. 

Imagine for a second a magician who has only been at things for a year or 2.  They have opened themselves up psychically a bit, thus more easily able to absorb energies from the coupling, and have enough experience to help get the flow going.  However they obviously don't have much power yet usually, aren't used to having their thoughts, both good and bad, manifest in real ways, and most definitely aren't used to seeing spirits!  Then suddenly they temporarily have a bunch of the energy of a much more experienced magician intertwined with their own.  Voila, now their life is temperarily quite different, even if only perceived on the  more subtle levels; it is still happening. 

This example also works for sex with spirits, the analogy would be 2 years vs 40 years of experience between the 2 people, but in this case it is more like 2-20 years vs decades or centuries of experience.  One most definitely does get changed from such experiences, mostly from the fact that the invisibles just don't see things the way we do, they are not human (I'm talking about the non-human ones here in this article).  Also they have different ethical systems than we do.  Them being the much stronger of the two can most definitely influence us in many ways.  Yes, some are very very careful in how much they influence or change us, but there are most definitely some who don't care at all, or even use such couplings to mess humans up if allowed. 

Now imagine if they had a damaged aura, are a very needy person, naturally vampiric, or just a buttload of raw natural talent.  Well in this case, they get a heap more of the experienced person's energy, which could even go so far as to also change some of theirs as the energies intermingle.  Well it is likely that they either really enjoyed the experience, or were shocked or traumatizes a little by it.  All of these things open them up even more, or at the very least keep them open.  Quite often the link between the two people is kept up do to many factors, so the energy transfer is still going but on a lesser level.  Oh sure "but we cut the links afterwards".  Oh BS, I have rarely seen this to be as effective as people think, just from a quick energy cutting.  Oh sure it does help, but not usually complete, and more often than  not, the link just rejoins by the next day. 

If the people continue the sexual relationship, then this is all that much stronger.  I have found that there is a point where the person does become permanently changed.  This can be for the better, and a very useful technique, or not so good, if the person just isn't ready for this much or this type of energy.  Also if the person is already a bit unbalanced, this can most definitely lead to some pretty severe consequences.  Further, the energy can also be passed along to who *they* are having sex with.  Not as strongly obviously, but it does happen. 

There is another odd effect that can happen that the more experienced folks have to watch for, having sex with, and thus combining your energies very strongly with someone with much less experiences and/or power than yourself can lead to you persuading them and their actions much more than either of you realize.  I'm sure you have noticed, or at  least read about how spirits influence people?  Well people can also influence people, and not always meaning to.  Many do it either subconsciously, or it just happens as a side effect of the other person having so much of your energy within them and/or you having so much of their energy within you.  This sort of thing most definitely should not be used purposefully to one's advantage as it can lead the person more susceptible to such things from others in the future and also less likely to be able to do things on their own in the future if it goes on for a long period of time  There is also the fact that you are changing a person's ideas and will, then quite often leaving them later on. 

Now that half of you reading this have come up with some pretty amazing and awesome new initiation techniques... do be careful.  Initiations are already extremely strong in many cases, and adding something which strengthens it even more can lead to problems.  I have seen people become unbalanced from the energies they are simply not ready for yet.  I have also seen people who have had to quit magic for a time due to the new abilities gained being too much for them all at once.  If you are using these techniques purposefully, do keep a good control on your energy, and don't allow it all to mingle with the other person.  This is best practiced with experienced folks, not those new to the path. 

Some folks may think that, well we both have 15 years of experience, all should be good.... However one must still be careful.  If each person has a different set of natural abilities, it can get confusing on the other person's energy body and psyche.  Also if the two people are from different paths, especially initiatory paths, then the influx of that new energy can cause problems, or at worst the two system's energies can conflict with each other and cause a bit of a crisis within the person if it is strong.  Two people with 15 years experience would most definitely both be strong. 

There is a reason that various paths all have different levels or grades.  Even the paths which don't have specific grades and levels, are taught bit by bit, as the student is ready for each thing.  One doesn't teach a newbie how to summon cacodemons for example.  Well OK so maybe I do sometimes (against the advice of many others) but this is only in the case of when I have very regular in person contact with the person to make sure their energy and life is still balanced and going well.  Which brings us to my next point...

So you have come up with this awesome sex magic technique and you are trying it out with a few inexperienced magicians....  Are you taking responsibility for all of this magic power you are throwing around and the lives you are changing?  Obviously no one is perfect, but I do put this here as something to think about, to perhaps change over to for the near future.  Do you do aftercare with folks you magically have sex with (it comes through even when not intentional)?  Do you keep in regular contact to make sure they are doing OK?  Do you still keep in contact even if you get bored of each other, breakup, have a falling out, or one dumps the other?  Quite often not, but if at all possible you should.  For the sake of the art, and for the sake of a person struggling with magical power and energies.  You will notice that in regards to sex with spirits, who are much stronger magically than us, they really do hang around for a very long time afterwards until things have balanced out.  Well most of them do anyways, the decent ones. As an aside, they aren't all decent, so be very careful with this practice. 

As we all know, power is passed down through lineages, with teaching and initiations.  The same things happens with a magician's talents, issues, internal conflicts, the energy which has been passed onto them by others they have had sex with, initiations, traumatic events (very strongly in your energy body still), power, the entities which become attached to you from initiations, and so forth.  Of course, this is usually to a minimal degree and isn't noticed that much, but it does all add up. Also sometimes for whatever reason, things can become extremely strong out of nowhere.  Also the stronger connection the two people have the more this happens.  It does not have to be purposeful for it to happen either.  While it most often isn't noticed, the energetic body of the person is changed a little, or a lot, each time.  Basically a seed is planted.  Some seeds fail to germinate and just die, but other seeds take root and grow quite strong. 

This is also the case in sex between mundane folks, as we do pickup everything from a person, and everything from their past lovers as well... but usually it is all at a level which most are completely unaware of.  Western magic mostly ignores this, but it is most definitely a common theme in eastern magics.  Some even go so far as to feel that we share karma with every single person we have ever had sex with!!!!  (I really wanted to take some cleansing baths after I hear this lol, all of my past decisions weren't the most wise).  I would recommend regular cleansing, then luck baths to repair any damage and negative affects that you feel are still around from this. is my article on cleansing. 

Since I have gone over all of the negative aspects of this sort of work, I really should say something about the good aspects.  I mean the pre-planned, well thought out ahead of time and discussed at length beforehand versions of such workings.  While most don't like to talk about it, sex between teachers and students has been happening for millenia.  The drawbacks are obvious, but the benefits can be many if done carefully and responsibly.  Aside from the obvious, that it is fun, and sex is that much better with a fellow practitioner, especially when energetic techniques are being used.  It really does pass energy along, as well as back and forth between the two (or more) people. Then there is of course the practice of sex magic, either for specific purposes (talismans and the like) or to be used for a greater connection with Deity.  If two people wish to connect more strongly to be able to work together better, this will most definitely achieve that.  The most useful aspect of this is that it really does build energy, a LOT of energy!  It most definitely does power up rituals of all types, as well as spirit callings.  If one wants to raise a lot of energy quickly, this is most definitely one of the most effective methods for doing so!  One does have to maintain focus though to make sure that the energies really are used in a productive way, as well as stay stabilized and focused.  Fortunately this can take a lot of practice ;).

I would like to use one person I know as an example of things going well, and done how they shoul be (in my opinion, as far as I know).  There was one magician who when working with others used sex magic.  Sex magic was the only way they worked in this case.  If the person who wanted the work done on their behalf was not of the prefered gender of the practitioner, no problem, they could bring a friend along who was.  What I liked about this person's approach is that they were 100% up front about every single little thing.  There was none of this suddenly sneak the idea of sex up on the student after they have already started working with or teaching them.  No conersion, no suddenly bringing it up, nothing about the student worrying that the topic may come up....  I most definitely respect this approach far more than the folks who spring the idea on the student later.  I abhor those who have it as a requirement who aren't upfront about such things before the teacher/student relationship even starts.

Basically this person let us all know that is how he worked, and he actually received several folks asking if they could work with this person, fully knowing the requirements.  Actually some other folks were also asked, assuming they had the same requirements.  Why yes, it is a popular method of working, as well as a fantasy for some.  The usual mundane precautions were taken of course, and everything was out in the open and very upfront.  No behind the scenese funny stuff going on.  If someone didn't approve, no problem, they just didn't have to get involved.  It was evocation in particular, and with very good results (the important part).  Not that sex is needed to make evocation work, but it is this particular practitioner's method, and  most definitely raises enough power and energy to produce very strong results.  I have performed evoction both with sex and without (though not with the person in my example mentioned in case anyone is wondering lol), and have found that both can work extremely well. 

There was  not fallout afterwards as far as I know.  I did privately inquire a couple of times about the students to see how people were treated and if anything bad did happen, even aftewards.  I felt it was important for me to know so as to decide whether to continue to be part of the community or not. 

I will cover how I like to broach such things, if I feel it would possibly be appropriate to give some ideas for folks who do want to practice in such ways.  Basically I choose a setting where there are not strong energies or spirits around to influence the person.  I make sure it is a time when we are talking frankly about things, as equals and they are obviously in a good and calm frame of mine (instead of stressed or having one of those days, or a bit off at the time).  Then I will state that as they already know I sometimes partake in such practices, and ask if they are interested.  I also immediately state that their level of interest or not is completely irrelevant to their future teaching, or friendship, or anything else whatsoever.  This tends to either make people really happy that they get to explore the extra fun stuff, or really relieved because they were not interested, but do know that some of my practices involve such things and were hoping it wouldn't come up at random.  I have known folks who's teachers actually required such things as part of the teaching, so it's not unheard of. 

I think I will stop here on the positive aspects of such things, and just write an article on sex magic to cover that area.  I will just end by saying that if two folks do decide to add sex into their practice, and there is a difference of experience or power level, to think very carefully about what you are doing, and also perhaps have both people read this article to know the more subtle energies and influences which are involved.

As an aside if you email me to ask....if you can become a student..... *nod* *nod* *wink* *wink* after reading this... I will block you. (yes both gmail and hotmail have options to block email addresses from being able to email you). 

"Products and services on this site are "for entertainment purposes only", and as is obvious by my articles, I am a practitioner and fully beleive in my practice, path and items.
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